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ubi changes everything

ubi pink cocoThis easily the most brilliant thing I saw during my first day of the show, and I’ll be really surprised if I see something that trumps it over the next three days.

The ubi is billed as a modern changing table, but it’s more than that. It’s really a design innovation that will set parents free from the concept of a changing table. The ubi is a low wooden table with a large changing surface, upholstered with a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial fabric that easily wipes clean. The deluxe model also has a spring-loaded diaper dispenser that holds 8-10 diapers. There are two fastener strips on the changing surface that hold the diaper in place while you go about your business.

The idea alone would make this product a hit, but it has two other things going for it. The design is fabulous and the price is right. The table has an appealing modern profile and is available in two stained finishes, while the changing surface comes in six funky, modern prints. According to company literature, the ubi is designed to be used on the floor, which is something of a shame, since it could basically turn any dresser into a changing table, but my guess is there’s a liability issue here. The ubi does include a safety belt, and meets US safety standards for changing tables. Maximum weight is 30 lbs. The basic version will sell for $89 and the deluxe will be $119. It’s so cool, it has to be seen in action. Check out this video I took.


  1. Looks great… until your little boy pees on five diapers at once…

  2. Looks great… until your little boy pees on five diapers at once…

  3. Just want to note that this is not compatible with cloth diapers, if anyone asks you. I tested the gripping strips for them and they actually tore the fabric of some of the covers I used. (And they didn’t work to hold any of them.) I was sad, because I thought it was so great-looking!

  4. Sarah – thanks for the clarification. Cal’s mom- lol!! I have two girls so I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  5. I don’t know, I saw this at the show, and it looked very uncomfortable to lie on. And there were no edges around it. Looked very unsafe to me.

  6. Susie – they weren’t showing it, but the unit does come with a safety strap and I recall that the surface was slightly contoured. It’s also not very high up off the ground, assuming you follow their recommendation and put it on the floor. All the same, it’s definitely not very soft; that’s a fair critique.

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