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Why the Cybex Aton changes everything

OK, fine. It won’t change everything. But it’s going to have a huge impact on the infant car seat market. And it’s going to make the lives of countless parents much, much easier. So that counts for something, if not everything.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Cybex Aton since we first saw it more than two years ago. We loved the sleek design and the imaginative canopy design that vanishes when not in use.

But the big barrier for all European infant car seats trying to break into the United States is the base. In Europe, the safety standards do not require the use of an installed base in the car, so most European car seats are just buckled in using seatbelts. Here in the USA, those installed bases are a must-have. But they aren’t the easiest thing to design.

We knew the Aton car seat was beautiful and functional, but how would Cybex execute the base?

The answer is, they totally rocked it. Forget the seat, the base of the Cybex Aton alone should catapult this car seat to the top of everyone’s registry list. The installation of the base is simple, effortless and incredibly effective. It takes less than a minute to install it perfectly. The first time I saw it demonstrated, my jaw literally dropped.

The base-free installation is equally impressive. Most of the time, when parents need to use an infant car seat without a base (on vacation, in a taxi or friend’s car), the installation is trickier and not as secure. The Aton has a slot on the back of the seat that holds the shoulder belt, while the lap belt goes into the slots on the side of the seat. Once the seatbelt is tightened, the security is incredible.

The seat itself has plenty of other advantages. It’s lightweight – at only 8.8 pounds, it is one of the lightest on the market. It’s got a nice, wide weight range, from 4-32 pounds, and it fits a child up to 30″. It has a clever newborn inlay that reduces the depth of the seat for younger babies, positioning them for proper breathing, digestion and harness fit. It has an infant insert that adds extra stability for babies still developing head and neck support. It offers enhanced side impact protection. It comes in a rainbow of colors. And the car seat adaptation system was designed to make the Aton cross-compatible with almost all Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters.

Let me recap:

The Aton is gorgeous

The Aton is easy to install, no matter how or where

The Aton is compatible with virtually all of the best strollers on the market

The Aton costs less than $200.

What are you waiting for? Go buy one.



  1. Aren’t the specs 4-32 lbs and up to 30″? — so stated on your website and Cybex site. You have 4-30lbs and up to 32″ on the blog entry. Thanks for the detailed description of the seat. It looks great for the city dweller. How long is the wait for seat in shadow?

  2. Jo – great catch! Thanks, I think I must have transposed the numbers. I’ve corrected it in the post. I can check on the status of the Shadow color later on today.

  3. Bases are not required by government regulation, but they are demanded by the consumer.

  4. Ok 2 questions if I may…. 1) is the base sold separately? It looks like it is? 2) is it compatible with the Bugaboo? (Maxi cosi adapter?) thanks!!!

  5. Hi Larisa,
    You can purchase additional bases separately, but the car seat is sold with a base included in the box. The Aton should be compatible with the Bugaboo Maxi Cosi adapter, from what I’ve been told.

  6. Wow, can’t wait to check this one out! We had the Maxi Cosi for my son and I still remember the look on the car seat inspector’s face when he saw how well it installed without a base! It also has the slots in the back for the shoulder strap. As a frequent flyer and rental car user I never felt my son’s seat wasn’t strapped in solid! The one thing I hated about the Maxi Cosi was the canopy and it sounds like this one is much better.

  7. Saw the Cybex line at drool and have fallen in love with the whole collection. I wish I could justify buying a whole new system with baby #2 as I already have the Maxi Cosi and the Quinny Buzz. Hmmm!

    For expecting moms out there – this line is really impressive from a BTDT mom.

  8. I just got the Aton, it looked great, was pretty easy to install the base in the car, but when the Aton was installed on the base it does not stay/keep still. I mean i put the Aton on the base, the security green button showed up meaning that everything is in the right position but when driving I hear this annoying and frustrating “tic tic tic” sounds. I checked the Aton and it does not keeps still with the frame. I am a first time father so do not know if this is common within all car seats, however I am very disappointed at Cybex because this Aton is supposed to be the best car seat in the market because of it safety stds.
    Now I will get stock with this car seat since i bought it in the States and I don`t live there anymore.

    My advice will be for you to test it before buying it, check if it does not “dances” within the frame.

  9. FYI the Aton is metal on metal when the seat is in the base, which is the tic tic tic noise you hear, and the teeny bit of wiggling is normal as well. Once baby is a bit heavier (12ish lbs) it should quiet down. Hth some!

  10. hi! I have the ‘Mamas & papas’ URBO stroller and have been looking for a carseat besides a GRACO (they are SO HEAVY) to use with it and I heard that other than the maxi cosi carseat (which I haven’t been able to find many reviews on) the cybex should also fit with the proper adaptor?… If so which adaptor do I need??…..

  11. Hi. I have the bugaboo cameleon (not the cameleon3) and the aton car seat. I have read multiple places that the aton will snap into the bugaboo cameleon with the maxi cost adapter. When I do that … with aton facing towards me … the car seat is pitched so far back that the child would be lying on it back with its feet up in the air. This cannot possible be correct? Is it meant to have the car seat facing out? When I called bugaboo about it they told me that the cybex aton has not been tested by them, meaning they will not confirm if it works. Any thoughts/experience?

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