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Your turn…

July has officially started. And since my due date is in July, logic dictates that my baby will be coming soon. For some reason, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this. And I’m having an even harder time getting organized with all the things I know I’m going to need. Of course, this is incredibly ironic, since I’ve spent the last four years helping expectant parents get ready for their new arrivals. But when it comes to my own, I feel surprisingly lost. My youngest is already four years old, and over the past four years, the innovations in baby gear have been staggering. It’s a different world out there.

My job is to review products, assess whether they’re good enough, smart enough, useful enough and reliable enough to meet the needs of parents and kids. I get to know the products really well, and I have a lot of admiration for all of them. But trying to just choose a small handful for my own use is proving to be nearly impossible. It’s sort of like trying to choose which of your kids you like best. OK, not really, but you get the picture. Plus, consider that me and my husband need to actually agree on these choices and things get really complicated.

So I thought I’d turn the tables and get some advice from YOU! Tell me, what are the products you have for your babies that you couldn’t live without? Why? For some added incentive, anyone who gives me some help will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Magic Beans. Thanks in advance, and of course I’ll keep everyone in the loop as things progress.


  1. You don’t need a high chair! Get a feeding chair of some sort, we leave ours on the floor, and we sit and eat with him on the floor… but you can always strap it to a chair, and the space you save, and how he/she is more incorporated into the dinner routine is great. (cost savings too!)

    Multi-sheet the crib! I know it’s not “Something” more a how-to… but I have mattress, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet. This will save you so much time in the middle of the night, or middle of your nap when spit up or exploding diapers happen. 🙂 You can strip off a sheet and a waterproof pad, and the crib is back in good shape in less than a minute!

    Enjoy your time with your little one, they grow up so fast!

  2. Considering how little and helpless babies are when they are born, they don’t really need much stuff. They eat, sleep and soil diapers. Got bottles or boobs? Got a crib, bassinet or a place in your bed? Got diapers? If yes, then you’re set. Of course you also need a car seat and some clothes.

    I’ve found that everything else is more for the parents convenience than the baby’s need. Most of the extras were bought after my daughter was born because we adapted and figured out what we needed. I know there isn’t always time for shopping, but it could be a good excuse to go out alone or send Dad out.

    Some of the extras that we love are the bumbo seat. From about 2 months old my daughter seemed to want to sit up and see the world. The bumbo helped her do that. We could have kept her on our lap, but it’s fun to play face to face.
    We also love the swing. We have a fisher price swing with a bunch of speeds, a mobile and music. We’ve never put on the swing, just the music and mobile. Just push the cradle and it swings enough without needing the machine to do it.

    Good luck

  3. It would probably be more fair to let my wife answer b/c she’s been with our son daily since his birth. I’m just around nights and weekends. But the number one product that keeps on giving is the Skip Hop Canvas Pronto – We never were able to find a diaper bag we could share or that was perfect for either of us. The pronto makes every bag a diaper bag. Now, 2 years later, after our son is way too big for the pad, we still use the plastic box for toting wipes around.

  4. As a first-time mom, the thing I’ve learned with baby gear and toys is that they’re often short lived and they’re definitely hit-or-miss. What works for one baby doesn’t work for all (my son never liked the Bumbo, for example).

    The things I couldn’t live without include the following:

    1. Video monitor – Get the handheld, portable one. It’s so nice to check on the baby without going all the way to his room. Plus, ours is so sensitive to sound, I can actually hear him breathing. Love it!

    2. Bugaboo Frog stroller – Strollers are a very personal thing, and I realize not everyone wants to spend what we did. I considered the stroller my “splurge”, and my husband and I love it. We also got the Graco infant car seat adapter and couldn’t have lived without it. We also love the Bugaboo travel bag – it’s helped our stroller get through three airline flights so far with no damage. As a side note, we don’t like the UV sun cover for the Frog. There’s no ventilation and my son ends up sweltering. Good idea, bad execution.

    3. Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover – It’s padded and covers so much. My son is really comfortable in it. I like the handles and how it zips up like a duffel bag. However, despite the fact that they market it as a shopping cart AND a highchair cover, it doesn’t work as a highchair cover. It’s simply too bulky. My son barely fit in the highchair. I’ve seen that happen with other brands (Floppy Seat), as well. It’s simply not feasible to take the same amount of fabric covering a shopping cart and squish it to fit in a highchair. We got a separate highchair cover which we love, but the brand (Baby Bums) now appears to be out of business (website is down).

    4. Pediped shoes – These are the only shoes my son doesn’t get off, and we get tons of compliments on them. I found Robeez really hard to get on a squirmy baby. I love Pediped’s velcro allowing me to open the shoe up wide and get it on him. As he’s gotten older, he’s figured out how to open the Velcro, but he doesn’t pull his shoes off.

    I could write more, but those are the first things which pop in my mind. Best wishes on your upcoming new arrival!

  5. Two more things (told you I could write more!) …

    1. Kiddopotamus Cozy Up infant car seat cover – This was great last winter because it allowed us to pop our son in the car seat without a jacket and gave him enough protection for the short walk from the parking lot to our destination. If he needed a bit more warmth, we put a blanket on top of him between him and the cover. (Note: We were told by a car seat tech this kind of cover is better than the Bundle Me because nothing is between the baby’s back and the car seat.)

    2. JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me – I just said “no Bundle Me” and then say the Bundle Me is great … well, we love it for our Bugaboo stroller, not the car seat. We got the toddler size and will be able to use it for several years. It kept my son nice and warm when we were running around outside in fall and winter.

    That’s it (really!) As you can tell, I love passing on things I’ve learned – need a product tester? 🙂

  6. For a newborn, i think the one product i couldn’t have lived without was the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe blanket. I had the Miracle Blanket as well, but it was much more complicated and i was too sleep deprived to figure it out on a wriggling, screaming newborn.

    My cosleeper kept the sleep deprivation down. Too bad i gave it away only to get pregnant again a week later, lol..

  7. 1. Miracle Blankets – at least 2. None of the others were snug enough for my wriggly little girl. Practice on a doll before baby arrives and you will soon be able to use it with your eyes closed!
    2. Fisher Price Papasan Swing (and tons of extra batteries!)
    3. Ditto on the Buggy Bagg – as an admitted germophobe, this is a fdream come true for me! the same company also makes a great and inexpensive high chair cover called “High Chair Flair”
    4. Skip Hop Pronto changing pad. This still goes EVERYWHERE with us and my baby is now 2!
    5. Peanut Shell micro-fleece pouch sling. This was a guaranteed way to put my little one to sleep. She went all over NYc in this until she was about 6 months old.

    Good Luck!

  8. Congrats!

    -We could not have survived without slings.
    For the summer, we loved a mesh pouch (Ours was discontinued by Mama Kangaroo…looks like this
    but I think this one from Kangaroo Korner may be comparable

    -Dimmable bedside lamp, for those nightfeedings.

    -The Amazing Miracle Blanket was super easy to use and really kept the baby snug. But I think this depends on each baby, so get it after the baby has arrive. Ours liked to be swaddled till he was around 4-5 months old and the other brands just didnt work because he would be able to get out of them.

    -A bouncy seat for when they were tiny and Bumbo for when they were a bit older.

  9. For a newborns I was was going to write exactly what Meg did about the swaddlmes and miracle blankets.The latter was so hard to get on a squirmy baby. I could not have survived without the swaddlemes.

    The only other thing I used consistently (and still do) is my boppy. I have a blow-up “my brest friend” for traveling and I do not like the design as much and even for travel it doesn’t fold down that small. It less comfy for both me and baby.

    Unlike others, I never once needed a waterpoof pad or anything fancy for the crib. The only time my son has gotten the crib sheet dirty is when I leave him on their on occasion for “diaper-free” time.

    I love the Baby Bjorn 1-2-3 sitter. My son, at 12 1/2 months has used it pretty consistently since birth. It has a sleek design, folds up flat and is very easy to clean.

    For slightly older babies –

    I also don’t have a high chair, just a Phil & ted’s Me Too chair. It works great and doesn’t take up any floor space!

    For visiting /traveling I find the Sit N Secure to be the fantastic – it takes up almost NO room in the diaper bag and can be used on almost any chair. It is also cheap cheap – about $15. Perfect for visiting relatives and friends without a high chair.

  10. I don’t even know where to start with the baby gear… but as a mother of two young children one thing I’ve done that has helped me a ton is to have the next size up of clothes clean and ready to go. They grow so fast! I literally wake up the next morning and the baby’s grown a size overnight. I like to have the onesies and everything washed and in a tub in the closet ready to go. I know babies don’t need that much when they’re born, but once there here, who has time to shop? You just want to spend time getting to know the little person. Plus, for me, sleep deprivation has not always led to the best decision making. I’m know saying I have an entire year of clothes ready to go, but I’d suggest just trying to keep ahead of things with the essentials. This has really worked for me.

  11. The things I can absolutely not live without.

    Mountain Buggy Urban stroller: we live in Salem Ma, this stroller will navigate any snowbank like a champ but manuverable enough to get around in a store. Car seat clips in too

    Maya Wrap: how would I ever get anywhere and still carry a purse without this? My daughter is too big for a long walk in the Maya now, but getting from the car to the store or in the grocery store when she refuses to stay in the cart…It’s an essential.

    All my mom’s with seconds swear by the Rockin Baby Sling (Pouch) for babe’s “right out of the shoot”. Seems like the best fit for newborns.

    Two Bamboosa products: The socks, which never fall off and the wash clothes, which are so soft and naturally antibacterial

    And lastly some sort of “Diapees and Wipees” aka a holder for a couple of diapers and your wipes. So much better to just grab that and your changing pad and walk to the rest room to change the baby than to lug the whole bag and have to navigate a public restroom.

  12. What I could not have done without in year one (other than the basics):

    1. a mouli for making baby food — not any baby food system, just a decent stainless steel mouli to puree a bit of whatever we were eating (before salting!) and then toss in the dishwasher. We didn’t buy a single jar of baby food, ever.

    2. the bumbo, although if I was buying for a new baby I think I’d go with the Prince Lionheart version, whatever it’s called.

    3. shockingly (to us), the fisher price jumparoo. It is the only plastic/electronic thing we ever had, but omg did that thing see massive use. she loooooved it and her constant giggles in the thing always cracked us up.

    4. trumpette socks, whichever work for your baby’s gender. One pack of those mary jane socks and we didn’t need to waste money on infant shoes at all.

    longer term:

    1. no high chair, go with the long-term seat. And as a long-time user of the Svan chair I say, go with the Tripp Trapp! Our Svan is actually falling apart after maybe 2-1/2 years of use. I am in fact planning to buy a Tripp Trapp and toss the Svan.

    2. the radian 80 is an amazing car seat. I am so glad we made the switch from Britax and only wish we’d done it sooner. I would buy one for a newborn and never buy another seat (another cover, probably….but that’s all)

    and congrats from one of your quiet readers!! ^_^

  13. first boy, eh? not an innovation from the last 4 years, but you’ll want to have plenty of washcloths on hand to place over the…um…liquid source during diaper changes if you want to stay dry!

    best innovation? bumbo seats. the babies feel like kings when they can be up on the table near the action during meal times.

  14. Hi!

    B’sha’ah tovah!

    I would say our #1 favorite infant item is the Ergo Baby Carrier.
    After having used the Baby Bjorn carrier for our first child, I was
    left disappointed by our failure to be able to comfortably carry around
    our baby this way. Both my husband and I had a 20 minute limit for its use.

    With the second child, I searched the Internet high and low for
    an alternative, because I really did like the concept of baby-carrying. For a similar price, I found the Ergo Baby Carrier and decided to give it a try… It’s awesome!

    It takes all the pressure off the back with the belt that fits snugly on the waist. Both my husband and I can wear our daughter in it for hours with no pain whatsoever. Plus she loves it. Plus it comes in cool colors.

    The one con is that the baby can’t face out on your front. The baby can face toward you on the front, on your back or on your hip. I haven’t found that to be an issue for our daughter, but it may depend on the kid.

    Good luck with everything!!

  15. My top pick for a newborn would have to include:

    A Pack N’ Play with bassinet and changing table attachments. We kept this downstairs in our living room. Our son napped in it and received most of his diaper changes in it.

    Which brings me to my second recommendation… chucks. These are the disposable bed liners that they use in hospitals and nursing homes. I always kept one on the changing table in case of “accidents.” And with our son, we had a lot of those. You can get them at CVS near the Depends.

    We had a Fisher-Price bouncing seat with vibrator which was indispensable. Along with our sling, it was a sure-fire way to get our son to take a nap.

    And I’d have to place another vote for the SwaddleMe. It made swaddling effortless. Basically, anything Kiddopotamus makes is great.

    But my absolute favorite products would have to be the Adiri Natural Nurser and Angel Dear lovey.

    Best of luck with everything!

  16. funny, reading the other comments i see products that we had but totally forgot about since they weren’t central to our survivial.

    our absolute must haves:

    -moby wrap (but our babe was born in october. it might be too toasty for a summer baby depending on your weather. in that case a lightweight ring sling would be a good bet).

    – fisher price papasan swing + lots of batteries. we are decidedly low-tech, but this thing was god for the first 6 months or so.

    – motherlove nipple cream. so much better than lanolin.

    -lots of frozen food and an email list created by a friend that organized meals for us for the first weeks after my husband went back to work. so nice to have food on the table, and know that i would see another adult on a regular basis.

    -carseat. she hate hate hated it, but really, you can’t do without it:)

  17. Month 1
    – “chucks” (see other reviewer above), not disposable changing pad covers that they sell at Target, but the actual “chucks” that they use at the hospital (we took 2 extra packs home with us). These actually absorb “accidents”.

    Month 1 – 4
    – Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe. Because at 2am with a really dirty diaper, velcro is your friend. Snaps on a onesie or PJs are not. We just wrapped our daughter up on one of these right over her diaper and we could pretty much change or feed her without having her totally wake up. whew! Easy to wash/dry/fold and inexpensive enough that you can buy 3-4 and use them instead of PJs.
    – JJ Cole Bundle Me. Much easier than trying to stuff a baby into a snowsuit. You might even be able to get them into the car seat/stroller without waking them up.

    Month 4 – 6
    – Graco doorway jumper. Cheap, washable, and endlessly entertaining for babies, parents and guests. Especially if you put your favorite tunes on in the background and video it.

    Month 6 – 12
    – Swaddle Designs “Lovies” that are 12″x12″ mini versions of their popular flannel blankets with “silkies” on reverse and on the edges. We bought 4 and rotate them so we never lose the blankie.
    – Toy tethers with snaps. Because, as my husband’s fellow lawyer once said, some babies “just like to throw toys from the pram” (ok, he was referring to another lawyer he was negotiating a contract with, but you get the picture). Universal, easy to attach/detach, washable and cheap enough to keep 2-3 on every stroller, car seat, high chair, or exersaucer you own.
    – Munchkin “snack traps” to be used with the above tethers.
    – Nuby two handled sippy cup with straw
    – Bumkins waterproof bibs. super soft/flexible/foldable. rinse them off in the sink and hang to dry. no more stacks of bibs to wash. yay! The toddler one is great for tots that like to try and pull bibs off (the little stitch under the arm foils that plan).

    We also can’t live without:
    – Skip Hop Pronto
    – Baby Jogger City Mini
    – JJ Cole picnic mat (folds up and velcros closed with a shoulder strap)

  18. I LOVE the “Mom who knows Best” bibs, they are a bit expensive but worth every cent, my 6th old son drools all the time, this protects all of his shirts from getting soaked. i have a million bibs, but by far this was the best!! and you even sell them at your store!!
    i also love the “Flap Happy” hats, they are great for protecting ears, back of neck, etc.

  19. Well, I could probably tell you more of what you don’t need, but here are the things that I use the most with my 5 month old and 2 year old boys:

    Carseat – Obviously necessary. We are currently using The First Years True Fit convertible carseats for both boys. We recently had to replace their old ones and my 2 year old was already growing out of the old ones (they have long torsos). The True Fits are awesome. They fit newborns up to 35 lbs rear facing and up to 65 lbs forward facing with about 17.5″ top harness height. I was able to turn my 2 year old (30 lbs) rear facing again (the safest way to travel). For rear facing seats this is one of the best because of the high weight limit, lots of leg room, and height of the back. I could go on and on, but that’s the overview.

    Stroller – We have the Phil & Ted’s Sport double stroller. This is by far the most versatile and gagety stroller I have seen. I don’t know if your child still rides in strollers, but this one is great for kids of different ages as you probably know. Off roading, shopping narrow aisles, fitting in less than half the trunk space of a Corolla, one kid, two kids, newborn and toddler, napping or awake, rocks ’em to sleep, does it all.

    Carrier – I use a simple pouch sling made by my sister, design based on a Hotsling. This is the best for the newborn stage and useful for bigger babies/toddlers as well. Much better than Baby Bjorn and the like. Used these slings exclusively when my 2 year old was a baby and up until sometime in pregnancy when it didn’t work anymore. I do however have an Ergo coming to try out and I hear these are the greatest. Hoping it will prove even better.

  20. Highchair/Booster – Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat. Easy to clean(no crevases for the nasty food goo and crumb build up), height adjustable, fits on a normal chair, dishwasher safe tray, pulls right up to the table, folds for travel.

    Diaper Bag – Skip Hop Spark bag. Attaches to the side of the Phil & Ted’s Sport stroller (handle to second seat support) so that its not whacking the lower kid in the head, leaves baby accessible, or taking up valuable basket space.

  21. First congratulations on your pregnancy and third child. The absolute must haves for my baby were:

    Swaddle Blanket by Swaddle Designs-i loved this because it is large and has the directions as to how to swaddle a baby on the label.

    Bundle Me- great for winter babies with its soft cozy fleece and I even have the light version for those early crisp fall evenings.

    Skip Hop Dash- my husband does not feel awkward carrying this bag in public. We got it in charcoal gray. I love the amount of space it has for babies belongings and a pocket for my belongings as well. Mostly, I love that it attaches to the stroller with ease.

    Bumbo chair- love to feed my daughter in this.

    Digital Camera with image stabilizer- We have the Canon Powershot S5IS and it takes fabulous photos of our darling daughter. You will want to capture all those precious moments with your little ones.

    Unbreakable mirror- all babies love to look at themselves in the mirror at any age. Sassy makes a great one.

    Infant Chair by Boppy- this chair cradles your newborn and then you can remove the insert for a bigger infant. It has soothing sounds and a vibration mode as well. Our daughter loves it to this day and she is now 6 months old. It comes with 2 toys but we have changed the toys several times as our daughter got older. Just use links and add your favorite toys to the chair to keep things interesting for your little one.

    Baby In View Mirror by SafeFit- love this mirror because it is large and you can see baby while driving easily.

    Good luck with the newest addition to your family!!!!

  22. I love my Micralite newborn system, both the carrycot phase and the stroller phase. It is so light, easy, narrow, maneuvrable…can’t live without it.

    Best wishes.

  23. I cannot live without my nursing coverup.I think it is an essential for every BFing mom!I feel comfortable nursing anywhere with it!!
    Also you cannot have enough receiving blankets.I use them as a light blanket,swaddler, burp cloth etc.
    I would also recommend a good monitor and entertaining bouncer.I have the fisher price ocean wonders and both kids love/d it!!Mazel Tov !

  24. (I commented above so don’t count me twice!)

    the thing that strikes me the most is that really, other than what you need to meet the basic needs (eating, sleeping, diapering) the “essentials” really are so individual to both parent and baby. You just never know what is going to work until you try it. For example, in our case, swaddling never worked. No swaddle blanket of any type, our daughter HATED it. A friend’s baby born around the same time was swaddle crazy. Go figure! Same thing with slings…I bought and returned almost every sling that was available (and ended up spending a ton on postage) only to have my daughter go ballistic in each and every one. It took me *months* to find two carriers that she liked (a mei tai by babyfairies and an australian baby bjorn-type carrier a friend got me). truthfully? If I was having a baby this year — I’d buy NOTHING other than the car seat and some very basic outfits (plus, pretending I have nothing in storage, more cloth diapers, a monitor and…that’s probably it). Everything else would wait until the need really arose.

  25. Things I cannot live without:

    Boppy – I have two, one upstairs and one downstairs.

    Cheap Cloth Diapers – useful as burp cloths, clean places to lay down the baby while I wipe the older one’s bottom, etc.

    Moby Wrap – once I got the hang of it, I’ve found it incredibly useful

    Stroller – I used your website to help choose, so I think you’ve got that one handled

    I also keep diaper supplies (diapers, wipes, balmex & a distracting toy) in a basket upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs basket is in a drawer in my nightstand, so I can get to it in the middle of the night. The downstairs basket is on a shelf under the coffee table, so it is easy to access quickly. I’m way too lazy to run for a changing table every time I need to change a diaper, so I like to have those supplies handy.

    Likewise, I have several diaper bags (different sizes depending on what I’m doing) and I try to keep them partially stocked (diapers, wipes & diaper cream), so that all I need to do before going out is toss in an extra outfit, toy, cup for the older one, etc. and run out the door. My two favorites are a Reese Li toddler tote and my Fleurville Sling Tote, which I think might be the best diaper bag ever. I also have a Ju Ju Be bag that is nice, but it is enormous!

    Finally, I think the most useful thing in the whole world for me has been developing a more zen attitude about housekeeping. It’s never going to all be done, so I concentrate on doing one thing at a time and try to accept that I should be happy with what I get done and not irritated about what didn’t.

  26. I have 2.5 yo boy and a 3 mo girl. We can’t live without:

    Phil and Teds Sport – the most versatile double stroller that folds compact enough to fit in our Prius.

    Kiddopotamus Snuzzler – makes the infant car seat more cozy for our little girl. No more slump head during car rides!

    Halo sleep sack – the best invention ever for babies and kids who can’t keep their blankets on

    Patemm Pad ( – which you stock these at Magic Beans. I have two of them, one for home and one for the car. I love the circular-shaped pad for my wriggly children. The pockets in the pads are great for holding diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.

    Bumbo seat – as others have mentioned, great for letting my baby girl “sit” at the table with everyone. Just wish the manufacturer could come up with a way to strap the bumbo seat down to a chair so it could be used as a booster seat.

    Nuby straw cups – it’s the only cup my son will use. I love that it’s leak-proof, cheap, and BPA-free.

  27. Congratulations! Magic beans has been such a great resource for us, thank you!

    i dont think anyone else has mentioned the playmat/babygym or whatever it is called…here is an example (

    I loved this: it is a great place for older children to spend time with and watch the baby and as he grows it is so great to watch your child interact with the diiferent toys and buttons…

    not a necessity by any means but fun to have.
    Also we made our own crib mobile that we used for about three months with pictures of family and places and things we loved. this is something the whole family can do together and can become a treasured keepsake.

    very happy for you and your family.


  28. Some that have been mentioned:

    – Amazing Miracle Blanket. We adored ours. However, doing it again now I might consider an Aden + Anais muslin swaddling blankets.

    – A stretchy wrap. I’m a HUGE proponent of baby-wearing (let’s face it, with others to chase it’s really more necessity than option). Like another poster, I started with a Moby wrap; it can be a bit intimidating w/ *all* that fabric, but it really isn’t complicated. However, I later got a Gyspy Mama Bali Baby Stretch and consider it SO much better (if nothing else, it lasts to a much higher weight limit and doesn’t stretch out).

    Not mentioned thus far (that I saw anyway):
    – White noise. Especially key with other kids in the house. Our first daughter’s love of the vacuum cleaner (yep, I was vacuuming 4+ times every day, lol!) led us to: For Crying Out Loud! Not only does it include some unusual white noise tracks (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, car/rain/wipers), but they all have some very amusing names (like: The Rugsucker Proxy).

    Also out, but I’ve never used:
    – Itzbeen. I can still remember what a blur of nursing sessions, naps, and diaper changes those first few months were. Anything to act as a surrogate brain would have been SO welcome!

    Most important though – a sense of humor for the situations you’ll find youreslf in! Best wishes, and enjoy it . . . though it may not feel like it those nights at 3am, it really does go all too fast!

  29. i agree with others,my son’s favorite is the Fisher Price Jumparoo!! Loves it and the older he gets the more he has fun and jumps more!! and i cant live with out my Summer Infant video handheld monitor

  30. Pacifier clip/ holder – haven’t lost a pacifer yet!

  31. Got the Ergo finally, and it is awesome! Baby went to sleep immediately because the hood blocks out light/noise and is so cozy. Love it! No back or shoulder pain either!

  32. It might sound silly, but CLOGS – not for baby, for YOU 🙂

    You will want to just RUN out of the house when you can – no time to tie shoes!!

  33. Bebe au Lait Nursing wrap, Boppy, Ergo Baby Carrier, SwaddleMe, Swaddle 123 Blanket (it’s larger than most…great!), Rainforest Jumperoo, Fisher Price Travel high chair, snack trap, disposable placemats, and Bibbity!

  34. *I have to say a ‘native’ style baby sling,
    I brought a Jazzysling which is all sewn in so you just pop it over shoulder and slip bub in. Have Maya wrap too, but was a bit daunting when bub was newborn. Would have loved a rockin baby sling, saw the web page they looked so funky but not avail affordably in Australia.

    *Someone gave us a play mat with the beams over the top that you hang things on. Our son loved it and it got more use than I would ever have imagined.

    *I agree with the slip on shoes or house slippers

    *Mothers Group (not sure if they have them in US, but over here if its 1st bub the government child health nurse helps you meet up with other mums. Then you can decide to keep meeting. Coffee, lunch or in our case wine.Lol! But a group of mates who knows exactly what you are going through is fantastic for staving off PND.

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