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Galloping onto the best-seller list

There’s a relatively new board book from Workman Publishing that is creating quite a stir, and small wonder. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a board book. Take a look at this YouTube video, and you’ll understand why Gallop is currently #1 on the New York Times Best-Seller List for Children’s Books. The technique is called scanimation and it’s a fascinating (and utterly low-tech) way to bring pictures in a book to life.


  1. I had no idea the book was so popular. My son (23 months) has had that for a while now (I don’t know when it appeared in the play room), but really never cared for it that much. I think it’s one of the coolest things we own!

    There’s another ‘doing’ book he has that he likes so much more. Each page shows a different number of winter animals doing winter things, and there’s a spot for the child to place his or her finger and move the actors in the scene. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the book.

  2. we have a book like this at home. it is cool. it has been around for awhile. it has all diff. types of locamotion. we bought it at a science museum on a school trip when i was a kid. but its cool to have a kids book like this.

  3. i find the pictures hard to see. i don’t think children would really get into it too much. maybe if they could add contrasting colors so that the images are easier to see.

  4. A friend brought this book for my son a while back (he’s now almost 22 months)…he was interested in figuring out how this book worked, but, once he had ripped open a page and found nothing of note inside it, he lost interest.

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