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What I’m reading: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors, so when a PR agency emailed and asked if I’d like to get an advance copy of her newest book, I said yes. No matter that I usually talk about toys and baby products – not books. I guess Jennifer Weiner and I share the same target demographic, and that was good enough to send me a free book.

If you’ve never read any Jennifer Weiner books, you’re missing out. Her first novel, Good in Bed, proved that “chick lit” can still be gracefully written and unpredictable. Since then, her imagination has maintained its momentum, and she’s published six more books, each of which unfolds a whole new set of characters and circumstances. If you’re already a fan, this latest effort will not disappoint.

Best Friends Forever is an exploration of friendship and family dynamics that traces the life of thirtysomething Addie Downs, who was the overweight child of an overweight mother. Her only friend in the world was her neighbor, Valerie. But the end of high school brought about a terrible betrayal that ended their friendship and was one of several catalysts for Addie’s lonely adulthood.

Valerie shows up at Addie’s door years later, rattled by an incident at her high school reunion that may or may not have been a crime. What ensues is a rapprochement and a chance for both women to reckon with the way they’ve changed, restore their friendship and reset the trajectory of their lives. I really enjoyed the book, and my only complaint is with the title, which walks too fine a line between trite and tongue-in-cheek, and underpromises the quality of the writing inside.

You can go and see Jennifer Weiner at the Barnes & Noble in Framingham this Sunday 7/19 at 3pm. For other dates and locations, check out her Facebook fan page.

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