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The Joolz Geo2 Tailor Collection 2018: see it at Drool!

The Joolz Geo2 Stroller 2018: the Tailor Collection What’s the stroller trend du jour? Customization! We’ve recently seen a surge in brands offering loads of options to parents who want to celebrate their personal style. Joolz has followed suit with one of the most customizable strollers we’ve seen to date: the Joolz Geo2 Tailor! With the Joolz Geo2 Tailor Collection, ... Read More »

Bugaboo Fox Stroller vs UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2018

The Bugaboo Fox Stroller vs. The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2018! The Bugaboo Fox and the UPPAbaby Vista will undoubtedly become some of the most hotly contested strollers of 2018. On one hand we have a completely new, unheralded masterwork from the minds at Bugaboo, and on the other we have the popular champion, the UPPAbaby Vista 2018, which has grown ... Read More »

Nuna Mixx2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller 2018

Nuna Mixx2 Stroller 2018 vs. UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller 2018! Because they both reside in a similar price point, the Nuna Mixx2 and UPPAbaby Cruz are some of the most frequently compared strollers in our Boston-area stores. But when you take a closer look, these models offer different positives and negatives for different families. I generally look at this as a “city ... Read More »

New video! Nuna Demi Grow Stroller 2018 Unboxing & Assembly

New video! Nuna Demi Grow Stroller 2018 Unboxing & Assembly Friends don’t let friends assemble their stroller alone. In the above video from our YouTube Channel, Eli unboxes and assembles the Nuna Demi Grow Stroller. If you run into any issues during your assembly, call us! Talk to our gear experts over the phone at (866) 600-2326 or email us at Read More »

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 vs Nuna Mixx2 Stroller 2018

The Nuna Demi Grow 2018 vs Nuna Mixx2 Stroller! To us, a brand new stroller is crazy exciting. But we know that for you, a new stroller often means another beautiful option to be torn over. That’s why we try to be as helpful as we can by comparing a new model with other models you were probably already considering. So for all the ... Read More »

Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller & Accessories 2018

Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller 2018: Accessories & new Air France collaboration! The Babyzen Yoyo+ is the ultimate travel stroller, but it’s recently undergone some upgrades that make it the ultimate everyday stroller, too! Babyzen knows this wonderful piece of machinery is a great, if not the best, option for travel, but they also know that people are looking for newborn capability ... Read More »

Out with the old: Bugaboo Fox 2018 vs Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller

Out with the old: Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Buffalo Strollers! If you haven’t already heard the latest Bugaboo buzz, their Fox Stroller will replace their beloved Buffalo. Though we were sad to see the Buffalo go, the gloom quickly turned to giddy when the Fox was rolled into our office. The Bugaboo Fox solves a lot of qualms that American consumers had over ... Read More »

New video! Bugaboo Fox Stroller 2018 Unboxing & Assembly

New video! Bugaboo Fox Stroller 2018 unboxing and assembly Instruction manuals have plenty of pictures, but nothing beats watching an actual human before you embark on your stroller assembly journey. In the video above from our YouTube Channel, Eli unboxes and assembles the Bugaboo Fox Stroller for the very first time! Admittedly, it can get a bit complicated. But no sweat — ... Read More »

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller I know what you’re thinking. You had your heart set on a Bugaboo Cameleon, Donkey2, or Buffalo, and then the Fox came along and made you question your commitment. Don’t feel guilty, though. It’s quite the head-turner. So if you were previously a Cameleon 3 fan and now you’re eyeing the ... Read More »

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