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Hey, where’s my paycheck?

Guess what, moms? All that cooking, cleaning, driving, diaper changing, nose-wiping, hugging, kissing and playing has a value. According to today’s Boston Globe, the work done by an average stay-at-home mother is valued at $138,000/year. For those of us who work another job by day and do mommy-duty in the mornings, evenings and weekends, if we commanded a salary for ... Read More »

The Erupting Volcano Cake

Update 5/3/2017: The Best Birthday Gifts for Kids of All Ages We threw a birthday party for my older daughter this past weekend – she just turned 5. Since she’s on a science kick, we decided to make a theme of it. We hired Mad Science to come and entertain the kids, we came up with a melee of easy scientific ... Read More »

Reporting from JPMA

I’ve just arrived in Orlando for the last JPMA show, set to begin in just a few hours. As always, I’ll have nightly reports and pictures to share. Stay tuned, and if anyone has any specific questions or feedback you’d like me to share on your behalf, you can send me an e-mail or leave a comment. You can find ... Read More »

A true story…

We’ve just arrived in Phoenix for a family vacation, and I reserved a rental car, along with a booster seat. I did not need to reserve a convertible seat for my younger daughter, since we were bringing our Radian on the plane. When I reserved the booster seat, I asked the agent to please ask the local office to call ... Read More »

Hours and hours of fun

Just in time for April Fool’s Day, here’s a site any parent could love. By way of, I came across the new Warning Label Generator. Choose your icons and enter your text, then click a button and you’ve got yourself a genuine warning label ready for printing and, if you’re so inclined, lamination. Have fun. Read More »

Consumer Reports: Mea Culpa

For a company that can be pretty harsh on lots of other companies, it’s interesting to see that Consumer Reports is judging itself under the same high standards. They’ve just issued an article about how they botched the car seat testing. It’s an interesting read – check it out. Read More »

MySpace for Moms?

I found a great new website yesterday – It’s a web2.0 social networking site that’s geared towards parents (not just moms, actually), and it’s very well done. Easy to use and extremely rich with features. It’s new, but growing, and the community is amazingly warm and welcoming. With a bit more time, this could become an extraordinary resource. Check ... Read More »

Bye Bye Binky

Tonight, my younger daughter finally gave up her beloved binky. Inspired by tips from other parents, we’d been talking about the impending visit of the Binky Fairy, who would collect her binkies and bring them to Binkyland, leaving gifts in their place. She’d been enthusiastic, but unwilling to commit. Today, we accidentally sent her to daycare without her binky for ... Read More »

Day 3, running out of steam

Don’t even look at the time stamp on this post. I haven’t been up this late since college. But Toy Fair is always an ordeal. Today was a great day. I covered the entire lower level of the show, which is where most of the small companies are located. I saw so many interesting new products, all of which deserve ... Read More »

MP3 101

Peapod Toys is showing an MP3 player designed for babies and toddlers. It’s a simple, durable design that will allow even very young babies to learn to control their music. The player holds about two hours worth of music and will play for more than 40 hours on a single AA battery. The speakers were nothing special (though it was ... Read More »

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