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Uglydolls on the loose.

Day two at Toy Fair proved eventful, as I learned firsthand why children are wise to be frightened of jumbo costumed characters. Giant Uglydolls have become a fixture at Toy Fair, but they are getting mischievous. Today, I found myself the target of their antics on two separate occasions. And why not? If I were trapped all day inside a ... Read More »

Gearing up for Toy Fair

Sorry for the silence. We’re getting ready for our annual trip to the American International Toy Fair, one of the highlights of the year. We will be posting extensive show coverage on the blog. We are bringing a large group of Toy Scouts to New York, and we’ll hopefully have several different perspectives each day, as well as lots of ... Read More »

Tantrum cuts trip short

The Boston Globe covered an interesting story. Apparently, AirTran booted a family after their 3-year old threw a temper tantrum and refused to sit in her seat before the flight took off. The parents asked if the child could sit in a lap, but the flight attendants wouldn’t allow it. Instead, they removed them from the plane. I can actually ... Read More »

Well what do you know?

Here’s some interesting breaking news. Consumer Union, the nonprofit organization that publishes Consumer Reports has issued a statement this afternoon withdrawing their report on infant car seats. They will be doing some further side-impact testing and then revising their report accordingly. They are working with NHTSA to evaluate their testing processes. Read their statement here. Read More »

Casting doubts on Consumer Reports

In the week or so that has passed since the Today Show broke the story about the car seat test results to be published in the upcoming issue of Consumer Reports, our little industry has been in something of a tailspin. Car seat manufacturers have rushed to defend their products and their testing processes, while retailers like us have tried ... Read More »

Rethinking the playground

Today’s New York Times featured a cover story about a new playground concept that will be tested in Lower Manhattan. The design was developed by David Rockwell who has made a name for himself creating more sophisticated “play” spaces, like the Mohegan Sun casino. This next-generation concept won’t feature traditional playground mainstays, like swings, slides and climbing structures. Instead, there ... Read More »

Off to the races

Miss me? Sorry for the dry spell. I’ll get back to the toys & gear in just a minute, but first some exciting news. I just came back from Orlando, where we inaugurated our newest Magic Beans initiative, Team Beans at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I, along with my father-in-law and sister-in-law ran a half marathon, while my ... Read More »

Infant Car Seat Testing from Consumer Reports

Earlier in the day it was brought to my attention that the results of some extensive crash testing done by Consumer Reports was featured on the Today Show. I didn’t get to watch the show, but the information was very eye-opening, and important for parents and parents-to-be to know about and take into consideration. By current federal standards, an infant ... Read More »

Breaking for Bread

I know. I’m supposed to write about baby gear and toys. And I haven’t even been doing such a great job of staying on top of that during the insanity of the holidays. But for just a moment, I want to talk about bread. On November 8th, the New York Times published a recipe for bread that requires no kneading. ... Read More »

What I’m buying my kids…

A lot of people have been asking what we’re getting our own kids for the holidays. Like all of you, I’m struggling to find the perfect things for each of my daughters. But I’m also acting as a proxy shopper on behalf of grandparents, great grandparents and other family members. So I’ve got my hands full. Here’s what’s on the ... Read More »

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