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Happy Birthday, Blog

Today is the 1st anniversary of my very first blog posting. Who could have imagined we would grow so quickly? This project started out as a place to primarily keep the store staff informed about new products in the store, but soon we realized that other people might be interested in getting the inside track on toys and gear, too. ... Read More »

Three’s a crowd

Tomorrow, the population of the United States is projected to cross the 300 million mark. Check out the neat population clock at the US Census Bureau website and if you have nothing better to do, watch as we cross this milestone at around 7:46am EST tomorrow morning. The 200 million mark was hit back in November of 1967, and the ... Read More »

New arrivals

This past week, we’ve received a few of the items I’ve previewed here. They are now in stock, and also should be available on our website. Here’s a list, with links to the previous posts. Micralite Strollers – Could this lightweight hybrid be a silver bullet for parents who really, really only want one stroller? We think so. Strollometer – ... Read More »

What (not) to wear

In my children’s little universe, independence is treasured beyond almost anything else. I see the evolution in sharp focus now, with a toddler who wants to do everything “by mysewf”, and a pre-kindergartener who confidently tried to make herself an ice cream sundae last week (complete with microwaving the ice cream to soften it for scooping). Getting dressed each morning ... Read More »

My homecoming…

…did not go exactly as I had planned. The day after I got home, I developed a high fever, chills, body ache. To make a long story short, it turns out I have pneumonia. I’ve spent the last few days pretty much down and out. Today I’m in bed, but mostly just resting. You can imagine my poor husband’s disbelief, ... Read More »

Heading Home

I’m about to go pack my bags; tomorrow I leave Oslo and go home. I’m looking forward to getting back to real life, my family, my kids. But this has been a tremendous experience. Today, we toured Oslo, visiting the Viking Museum, the magnificent Gustav Vigeland sculpture park, and having lunch with Peter Opsevik, designer of the Tripp Trapp chair. ... Read More »

Land of the Moose

No, not Canada. Oslo is apparently a haven for moose (haven’t seen any yet, though). This very moose-friendly city has even constructed elaborate bridges especially for the moose population, in order to minimize the occurance of traffic accidents involving these hefty beasts. But enough about the moose. We arrived in Oslo today, and it’s a very different city from Cologne. ... Read More »


At the Emmaljunga booth, we discovered that even this venerable pram manufacturer has jumped onto the hybrid bandwagon, with a chassis that features the asymmetrical wheel configuration. It has quite a nice feel, actually. I’ve never seen a new Emmaljunga, since they are no longer available in the US, but I’ve heard that they’re very smooth and easy to push. ... Read More »

Leaving on a jetplane

I’m at the airport awaiting my flight to Cologne after a teary farewell to my husband and kids. I still can’t believe I’m going to be away from them for a whole week. But I’m somewhat comforted by all the Euro-chic baby gear I’ll get to see. I’ve got my camera and I’m looking forward to posting photos and other ... Read More »

Yummy Danish!

Two popular and sought-after Dutch stroller brands will both be making their American debut in the coming months. The Mutsy is a line of high-end strollers with several parent-friendly features. The 4Rider looks a bit like the bugaboo. It includes a stroller seat and a bassinet, and the handling is quite nice. There are two versions, one more lightweight with ... Read More »

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