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10 years

sheri_eli_weddingIn the summer of 1985, I went to day camp and rode the bus every day with a quiet, soft-spoken boy from the neighborhood. He was exceedingly kind, and I… well, I wasn’t. On Wild West day, I relished the role of outlaw (even more than usual), and managed to trick that sweet boy into giving me all the candy he’d won at the various carnival games. I said, “Hey Eli, can I see your candy for a minute?” He handed it all over with no hesitation and I took off at a dead run. I was seven years old.

He forgave me eventually, and we went on to be best friends for most of high school. I used to tell people that I was going to hire Eli to be my nanny when I eventually got married and had children, because he was so good natured and patient. Finally we realized what our friends and family had known for a while – we were perfect together.

Ten years ago today, I married him. He is my partner in every sense of that word – in our business, in the kitchen, in staying in shape, and in raising our three amazing children. I am so thankful to have him in my life, every day, in so many ways. These ten years have been filled with adventure and belly laughs. I hope the next ten (fifty? sixty?) will be just as much fun.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary Sheri and Eli, that’s wonderful! Here’s to many more!

  3. Never before have I seen a blog post that was both beautiful and made such a lovely gift of love from one to another. If jealousy is a sin, please accept my sin as my anniversary gift to you guys. 🙂 I am very happy for you and so glad that I know you. Happy Anniversary.

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