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A Deflexion by any other name

KhetLast year’s popular holiday game, Deflexion, is back for 2006 but with a new name. For reasons I may never completely understand, they’ve renamed it Khet. According to a press release on the game’s website, they rebranded the game based on feedback from customers and retailers, and Khet is an Egyptian word for flame or fire. Okaaaay. Makes sense, sort of. But what’s in a name, anyway?

Khet is still the same clever concept as Deflexion, a high-tech strategy game that’s like Chess with an infusion of ancient Egypt. Players use lasers to bounce beams off of mirrored pieces and ultimately hit their opponent’s Pharoah piece. It’s for two players, ages 9 and up. The physics of predicting where the laser beam will land based on how the mirrors are set up are complicated, and most young children will have difficulty. But for older kids and grown-ups, Khet is a novel, intriguing and fun game.

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  1. I have the first edition of Deflexion. The pieces are a bit industrial looking and the set is large, but the game is solid. I’m good at seeing potential shots several moves ahead and my wife is not. So we play Scrabble instead and she skunks me. Deflexion/Khet is a game best suited to Chess players, though the game mechanics are far simpler.

    My advice is to not let a kid play the game until he/she is responsible enough to handle the laser. Game pawns need to be seated properly on the board so that the laser doesn’t leave the playing field.

    I get a light headache after a few games, but I get the same feeling when cleaning the bottom of my infrared mouse.

    I enjoy Deflexion and wish I knew more people who love strategy games.

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