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Bib-away, give-away

Bebe Au Lait BibAh, the bib. So small but so important. Bebe Au Lait has a revolutionary new design that I love. It’s a reversible bib with a magnetic closure, and there are two large surfaces that overlap when the bib is closed. The beauty is, if one side gets dirty, there are three other clean surfaces to choose from (two on each side). This will be available shortly.

Meanwhile, we’re working on refining our selection of bibs, and I’d love some help. So I’m asking you to share your favorite bib and why you love it. Just leave a comment here. I’ll give away one of my favorite bibs – from A Mom Who Knows – in a random drawing of all who participate. Thanks!


  1. I personally am a big fan of the crocodile creek bibs. Easy to wash and cute designs!

  2. I am also a huge fan of A Mom Who Knows – it’s pretty much all we use once solids start. The provide lots of coverage and easily clean the high chair too once the meal is finished!

  3. I love Crumb Chums.

  4. While I love my “A Mom Who Knows” bib, we also just started solids so we’ve been using a cute Crockodile Creek bib which is easy to wipe clean after solids (like a previous poster mentioned). They have cute designs and we don’t have to put it in the laundry after each use.

  5. Wow, these look so innovative and interesting.
    I think, on some level, different bibs are optimal at different stages, though I must admit I do have an affinity for those plastic “trough” bibs 🙂

  6. I’m a big fan of our Kushies waterproof bib. It’s a good size and is so easy to fold up, rinse off, etc. The pocket is a must, of course.

  7. I love the Baby Bjorn eat and play smock as it keeps my daughter completely clean when she tries to finger feed herself

  8. Hi!! i personally like the “bumkins” waterproof bibs. they wipe clean so well and even go in the washing machine and dryer. they have such pretty designs and don’t rub the neck like so many other bibs. I have such a hard time getting my daughter to wear bib and this is the only one she will keep on through a whole meal.
    good luck with the new bibs,

  9. Another fan of the bumpkins here! I liked the crocodile creek but they couldn’t handle the clothes washer so that was a deal breaker for me.

  10. A second note to say I just found Mimi and Sardine bibs and they solve the machine washable problem of the Crocodile Creeks bibs and they are environmentall friendly to boot!

  11. i love the chin bibs when baby is still super drooly. keep clothes dry and cute outfits visible.

  12. I love the Kushies bibs as they are soft even though plastic and easy to clean. Only problem is that after multiple washings the plastic starts to fall apart…

    The Bjorn bibs are great and last forever but just not as flexible and my 10 month old gets very annoyed by them whereas the Kushies bibs he doesn’t notice as much. The Bjorn bibs are good when they get older, our 10 month old gets mad if I don’t give him one and puts it on/off himself as the closure is very easy.

  13. I like the Oobi bib. The towel backing is practical and the prints are unique.

  14. I love the Bumpkins bibs as well. I like that most of the time we can just wipe them down or rinse them off and then let them dry. But for those extra messy times, we can just throw them in the washer.

  15. I am also a big fan of the Bumpkins bibs. They come in bright and colorful designs. My daughter loves choosing which bib she wears (it is easier to get her to put it on that way). The bibs wipe clean so easily, go in the washer if necessary, have a good neck line and most of all have a pocket.

  16. I love the bumkins bibs as well, especially the toddler versions that have short sleeves and long sleeves. The sleeves and sturdy velcro/ties make them virtually impossible for a toddler to remove and they offer great coverage for messy eaters.

    We have a couple Crocodile Creek bibs that are very cute and we use in a pinch, but the don’t cover very well and can get stained.

  17. I love the ‘bibbity’ bib for the finger food stage…I think it’s by Kiddopotomus. It’s a rubber like bib that has a catcher in front. I like it much better than the plastic ones with pockets…lots of times the pockets don’t stay open enough to catch anything. And it’s so easy to clean. If you’re in a restaurant, and can’t rinse it, you can just roll it up and clean it when you get home.

  18. Be glad to have one that doesn’t stain, doesn’t feel plastic and doesn’t connect behind the head

  19. when’s the giveaway? are we too late.

  20. My favorite is the kipeez (?) bib-clip. It’s so portable, you can use anything as the bib, and you never have to worry about forgetting to put a clean bib in your diaper bag or purse.

  21. I love the bibbity bib. As we get into the self feeding stage, it’s been great for everything but sleeves. I like the i-play long sleeve bibs for those times I let my toddler try the spoon on his own.

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