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Bye Bye Binky

Mam PacifierTonight, my younger daughter finally gave up her beloved binky. Inspired by tips from other parents, we’d been talking about the impending visit of the Binky Fairy, who would collect her binkies and bring them to Binkyland, leaving gifts in their place. She’d been enthusiastic, but unwilling to commit. Today, we accidentally sent her to daycare without her binky for naptime. But she managed to fall asleep anyway, with a bit of encouragement. Seizing the opportunity, we scheduled the Binky Fairy’s visit for tonight. Surprisingly, she eventually did fall asleep without it, and she was cheerful throughout. The Binky Fairy left (as requested) balloons and a cake.

I despise pacifiers, and it was a real matter of pride that my first daughter never used one. But with #2, she needed it desperately almost from day one. For three years, I’ve learned to tolerate, appreciate, and eventually depend on the binky. It was my secret weapon, the one thing I kept in my pocket for desperate times. I can’t imagine facing a long car ride or airplane trip without it. But after tonight, it looks like she’s finally over it. I, on the other hand, will suffer a more prolonged withdrawal. Wish me luck.


  1. i did the paci fairy thing when my son turned 3. it was much more tramatic for me then for him. He did fine and has never looked back. the only thing i miss are the long quiet trips in the car; now he wont stop talking. good luck and enjoy not having to always remember to take the paci.

  2. a tip for other parents you may know with the Binky problem. I am the creator of “The Story of Binkyland” a new concept book to help children 2 and up rid of the paci, I have helped thousands of children at and my book will be out soon in hardback nationwide. Please let your friends know there is now a tangable way, positive to do this! Thank you,

    Laurie s.
    Binkyland LLC

  3. My daughter was 2.5 when we decided she needed to stop using the binky. I told her we needed to send it to the binky fairy so she could give it to new babies who needed it. I found a company that takes old binkies and in return your child gets a letter from a fairy thanking your child. (you don’t even have to send in the binky if you don’t want to). the letter was really impressive, I almost believed it came from a fairy. with a little coaxing we sat down and put the binky in an envelope addressed to the binky fairy. We check the mail each day, less than a week later we got the letter, my daughter was so proud to have helped other babies. She felt really special that the fairy wrote her a letter. I recommend this to all parents trying to get there child to stop using the binky .I now have the letter in my daughters baby book.

  4. please let customers know “The Story of Binkyland” is available at

  5. I was having major problems with my son’s binky use; well actually it was more along the lines of a binky addiction!! My friend absolutely raved about the cut method, and all of the psychology behind it. She found it on , which is great that it was also free. We went with it and OMGosh… worked so beautifully for my son with NO tantrums, not even one! Thank you God. Five days later he did not want anything to do with his binky. What a relief it was to all of us to finally be done with those darn binkies. Highly recommended! I am also interested in others experiences…. Bella

  6. I also used the method (followed it step by step). They said it would take 4 days, but after only 2 days my son wanted nothing to do with his pacifier. Awesome stuff, worked perfectly, eveyone happy, also highly recomended.

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