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First my soft-serve, now my phone?

So what is safe when you’re pregnant? As it is, I can’t drink wine, I’m banned from unpasteurized cheeses, and I can’t eat my trademark turkey and hummus wrap for lunch anymore. Now, apparently soft-serve, a cornerstone of my food pyramid, is another candidate for the blacklist, and today, Gizmodo tells me I shouldn’t use my cell phone. Seriously?! Jeez


  1. that is crazy. its just a way to market that crazy mummywrap. you could go crazy. good luck.

  2. A friend who used to sell calling plans referred (within the office) to cell phones as “cancer sticks.”

    But in the case of behavioral problems, I wouldn’t jump to a biological conclusion. A person who is making or receiving multiple phone calls every day while out of the house is perhaps more distracted, more busy, and less attentive than someone who defers calls until arriving home. In short, if you’re talking on the phone, you’re interrupting your life and the life of your child, and providing the child less attention. I would expect to see behavioral problems among kids whose parents are especially heavy cell users.

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