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Free soft-serve for expectant moms!

On May 21, Baskin Robbins is offering a free 3 oz. cone of their new soft-serve ice cream to any pregnant woman. The catch is, you have to live near a Baskin Robbins that has already launched this new menu item, and those locations are few and far between. And not in Boston. Which particularly stinks because I am a devout (and I do mean devout) worshiper of soft-serve.

You can find it in many spots throughout New York City, as well as select stores in California, Chicago, Nashville, TN and El Paso, TX. There’s no mention on the site as to whether or not you have to be visibly pregnant (good luck to them with that), but if you’re expecting and you live near one of these Baskin Robbins locations, please go out on Wednesday and have a free cone for me.

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  1. Ahem. Soft serve is on the no-nos list during pregnancy because the machines can harbour listeria.

    Or is this magic, no-risk soft serve?

  2. Are. You. Kidding??????
    I’ve never heard that before! It can’t be true, it just can’t.

    OK, I did some quick research, and here’s something interesting. In the UK, it seems to be a widespread recommendation that pregnant women avoid soft-serve, but there’s no mention of it on any of the US recommendations. The FDA website has a list of foods to avoid if you’re pregnant and concerned about listeria, and soft-serve isn’t mentioned anywhere. I wonder if there’s a difference in the way soft-serve ice cream is prepared here vs. overseas, or if the FDA just isn’t aware of the risk?

    On one messageboard site, someone referred to USDA guidelines as recommending that pregnant women avoid soft-serve, but I checked the USDA website and found their fact sheet on Listeriosis. There is no mention of soft-serve ice cream anywhere. I did find a search record of some testing done in Michigan where they checked 200 samples of soft-serve ice cream and found no evidence of Listeria contamination. So it’s obviously on their radar screen, but they’ve not yet determined it to be a significant enough risk to add it to the list of foods to avoid. Has anyone out there in the USA had an OB tell her she couldn’t have soft-serve?

  3. Just another source of reference:

    I’m not eating soft-serve, but it’s also not my favorite kind of ice cream.

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