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Give and let give

Two things happened this past week that reminded me why this is called the season of giving.

First, on Friday we asked our customers to help us collect as many toys as possible for a Boston-area event called Christmas in the City. The response was overwhelming, and according to an email we received, our truck load of toys was able to “significantly close the gap between the overwhelming need for support and the number of toys available.” We never got a chance to count how close we came to the 1000 goal, but that was never really the point. The Boston Globe covered the event – you can read about it here.

Then, last week we talked about the issue we were having with Playmobil and I mentioned a 5-year old boy with cancer who needed a Pyramid. We started getting emails from parents. They had pyramids, wrapped and ready for Santa, but they were wondering whether that little boy still needed one. They were ready to send theirs away, putting his happiness ahead of their own children. We’d already found one for him, but wow.

We were simply overwhelmed by the generosity.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story about generosity and the giving spirit.
    All too often, only negative stories are considered “newsworthy”.

  2. Hi- it’s Kate checking in here from the Hingham store and I just wanted to further Sheri’s shout out to our generous customers by letting you all know that three young siblings came in tonight and purchased over $200 in toys for the local toy drive we’re having here at Derby St that benefits The Germantown Community Center in Quincy MA.
    These amazing kids saved all the money they could and chose Magic Beans in Hingham to do their donation shopping. We counted out a loooooottttt of quarters but every single one counted was a show of just how generous even our young customers are.
    Thank you for supporting these local organizations and thank you all for supporting us.

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