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Happy Blogiversary! Win a Tripp Trapp!

Today, Spillingthebeans is 3 years old! The past year has been a blur, but we’ve got a lot to show for it. Two new stores, one new kid and somewhat less posting than usual because of it all. Sigh. 

As is now traditional, we do a great giveaway to mark the Blogiversary. Today, we spent part of our day with our good friend, Geir Stokke, head of Stokke USA. We had a great meeting and a great lunch, and so in his honor, and in honor of his favorite product in the universe, we are giving away a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. You can choose any color you like, or you can create your own combination (as seen here). Stokke will also throw in one of the new Table Top trays! To enter, simply comment on this post. We will draw a winner one week from today.

And yes, we did eat cake. 



  1. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for setting up this prize

  2. What a great accomplishment! I really enjoy reading your blog – as far as i’m concerned, the Boone spoon is one of the greatest things ever invented – that i never would’ve known about had it not been for you.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. Happy Blogerviersary. Keep up the great product reviews!

  5. Many congrats, and I miss your store (I am from MA, but now live in upstate NY)!

  6. Congrats!! I love the blog!!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! This blog is great. I always learn something new. I’ve never been to your store (I live out in WA), but I still appreciate your great reviews. Thanks for all the great reviews of interesting products. Here’s to three more years!

  8. Happy Blogiversary!! And thanks so much for this blog, we are out of true babyhood now (she’s 3!) but I still get such great info here!

  9. Happy Blogiversary!

  10. I would love one of those nice chairs! congrats on your anniversary!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!! Thanks for the giveaway. We would LOVE a Tripp Trapp.

  12. Congratulations!
    What a great way to celebrate (at least for the winner!)

  13. You have done such a nice job with this blog. I use your product reviews all the time. Here’s to another 3 years (and maybe another kid?)

  14. Congrats! Always look forward to reading.
    Good job on keeping your cool on the train, I may have just taken my top off! Best!

  15. Obsessed!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  16. wow! mazal tov on the blogiversary and thanks for giving back to all those who love the products you sell! awesome!

  17. That cake is almost too cute to eat! Happy Anniversary!

  18. Happy Blogiversary!

  19. Happy Blogiversary! Love the store and the blog!

  20. Mazal tov! Happy Blogiversary! How would one say “blogiversary” in Hebrew, I wonder? Hmmm…
    I can’t wait to visit your store and get all sorts of goodies for my beautiful nephew.

  21. You did warn me that I should get the Tripp Trapp from the beginning…now we get to watch our high chair almost tip over all the time from toddler gymnastics!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  22. Happy Blogiversary! And what a cool giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Happy Blogiversary! Keep up the good work.

  24. Happy Blogiversay! I just recently found you, but I love the site!

  25. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary!

  26. so loving the red/orange/blue chair!
    happy blogiversary.

  27. I take it back- I don’t mind getting your facebook comments, if they lead to fun giveaways!

  28. Congrats on 3 years !!! Great site, very informative … Have to love the Bean !!! 😮 )

  29. Jennifer Lundstedt

    Congrats! Great prize! We are always checking your blog for interesting news! I am sure it takes a lot of time to constantly update. We really appreciate it! Good luck with your new son!

  30. Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on 3 years and all you’ve accomplished in that time!

  31. Have anniversary beans! Thanks for helping me to spend my money.. hahaha!!

  32. Congratulations! Magic Beans has been such a great resource for us. Thanks for the blog and the store(s)!

  33. Congrats! Hope you are feeling better!

  34. Happy Blogiversary! Pam Gurock introduced me to this website and i love reading it! Having our first child in April, and this site is very informative. Good luck with Zev!

  35. Congrats! Hope you’re feeling better! (PS- Stokke rocks!)

  36. I love your blog! Congrats on three years!

  37. CONGRATULATIONS! I love reading the blog and visiting your stores : )

  38. CONGRATULATIONS! I love reading the blog and visiting your stores : )
    (oops, I had a typo in my name above!)

  39. Congrats!! 3 years already!
    thanks for the advice and ideas! My 2 year old and -4 week old (due in 4 weeks) would LOVE a tripp trapp. We visited my cousin in Amsterdam and they had two–perfect chairs that grow with your child.

  40. Congrats on 3 years and thanks for all the info – we appreciate it!

  41. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary!

  42. Congratulations! Love the blog.

  43. Happy Blogiversary! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and love it!!

  44. Jen Salvatoriello

    Congratulations! I have your blog bookmarked and check it out only too often:)

  45. Jennifer Rizzo suggested I visit your store,as my wife and I recently moved to Dedham. A great experience1 Thanks very much

  46. Congratulations! Love your blog!

  47. happy birthday!

  48. Congratulations! I check your blog often. I wish I lived near your store!

  49. thanks for keeping up with your blog, i do enjoy checking it. and sorry about your debacle on the acela! we’d love to enter the drawing.

  50. Happy Blogiversary! I found your blog about 4 months ago and I love it. Thanks.

  51. Oh please, me! My 2 month old would love to win (as would his mommy).

  52. Congratulations! The reviews and site are both very helpful!

  53. Congratulations!!!

  54. congrats on the milestone! amazing how fast it goes by!

  55. Congrats on 3 years! Love the site.

  56. Congrats. I love your site!! Keep up the good work

  57. happy anniversary! the tripp trapp chairs are awesome!!

  58. Happy Blogiversary! Y’all have accomplished a LOT this year – Congrats!

  59. Happy Third Blogiversary! I sure could use a Tripp Trapp. Thanks for arranging for the giveaway!

  60. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations! Stokke is awesome!

  61. Happy, Happy! The Tripp Trapp is one of our FAVES.

    All the best 🙂

  62. Happy blogiversary, Beaners.

  63. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve got two little boys that could give that Tripp Trapp a run for it’s money.

  64. happy blogging. i love your blog and i read it every day.
    love, old friends

  65. Happy Blog-iversary!

    My (almost) 3 year old niece has had her eye on that chair since the moment she walked into the MB at Derby… Her favorite color soon became “lime green” after asking me what color the chair was. She would think Santa came early this year if she ever got this… oh ya that’s right… she spends more time on that chair in the store than playing or looking at the toys… lol.

    Great idea, to another amazing year!!

  66. congratulations!

    I have been eyeing the tripp trapp for DD who just started solids.

  67. Congrats!! I love the Tricked Out Tripp Trapp chairs!!

  68. Happy Blogiversary!

  69. Congratulations!!
    You have a lot to celebrate!!

  70. Congratulations. I get such great ideas from your site.

  71. Congratulations! I was sorry to read about your Acela experience. Blechhhh!

  72. Great blog! Congrats.

  73. Congratulations! We love the new store in Hingham!

  74. Congratulations! I really enjoy this blog and wish you guys had a store close to me!

  75. Congrats on your anniversary! We’re dying for a TT for our DD 🙂 Thanks for the contest.

  76. Happy blogging! what a fun contest and just in time for me, i was just shopping for another tt for my little : )

  77. Congrats on the 3 year anniversary! Many wishes for another 3 years!

  78. Congratulations. We love Stokke!

  79. Congratulations on 3 great years! What a fabulous contest.

  80. Congratulations! Love your store, love your blog!

  81. woot woot! new to the site via Thingamababy and love it! i’ll totally be back, winner or not 🙂

  82. I think it’s so cool your Blog and I have the same Bday!!! 🙂 Keep up the great work, I love reading it!

  83. Happy Blogiversary. We love reading it!
    Love the Stokke too. We need one for #2 🙂

  84. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  85. Congratulations on this milestone!! We were around when you first opened your Brookline store and have spent many memorable moments there!!!

  86. Happy Blogiversary, MB! Hoping for the Tripp Trapp for grandbaby #1.

  87. I don’t even have a baby and I love this blog! Of course, I do know some fine babies. Oh, ok, and their parents, too. I’m just in it for the cuddles and that sublime baby smell. Happy Blogersary

  88. Happy B-Day !!! – Love all that MB has to offer.


  89. Love your blog and your store – it’s my first stop for my baby and gifts for others.

  90. Great blog! Thanks for the contest!

  91. Happy Birthday!!!!

  92. Happy blogiversary! I love your product reviews…I always get great ideas from them!

  93. Love your blog and your store. It is my first stop for buying gifts for others and for my own daughter.

  94. We love your store! Congrats on the blog success –

  95. Congratulations! Please keep up the all great service with your store, products and blogs. We love to shop local for our children and Magic Beans fits the bill!

  96. Happy blogiversary – yay!

  97. So exciting, keep up the great work 🙂

  98. Happy uncle says, Happy Blogiversary. Magic Beans.

  99. We love your store and can’t wait to see what you come up with next – always inspiring!

  100. Happy 3 Years! Thanks for the tripp trapp drawing.

  101. Hip-hop-happy blogging to y’all! And thanks for the opportunity to win a tripp trapp! xo

  102. congrats! happy 3 years!

  103. Congratulations and a toast to many more years!!!

  104. Congratulations and a toast to many more years!!!

  105. Yay! Many more years!

  106. Congrats! We love your blog and your shop!

  107. Congrats! 3 years yahoo!!

  108. Congratulations, and keep up the blogiferousness! 🙂

  109. My neighbor has two of these that his younger children use. They’re both over 15 years old!

  110. Happy Happy Happy!

  111. Happy Birthday Magic Beans Blog!!! Our whole family just loves your store.

  112. can’t wait for christmas shopping at Magic Beans!

  113. Happy Anniversary. I love getting the blog and I love my Phil and Ted! Thanks to your store my life with 2 is so much easier.

  114. The best product reviews around! Thanks for keepin’ us in the beannie loop, and Happy Bloiversary!

  115. Congratulations! I just discovered those chairs, I would have loved one for my 6 years old, but could surely make good use of one for my #2 and soon #3!

  116. Congratulations on the anniversary! Thanks for the drawing!

  117. Happy Anniversary! We love your store in Hingham!

  118. Happy Bloggiversary!!
    Great blog, great store – keep it up!!

  119. Great site, great store – congrats!

  120. I look forward to reading your blog and love the store.

  121. Congratulations! I love your blog and your stores.

  122. I love the Store and my CARES is the best purchase ever. Thanks for getting it to me so fast; it MADE my trip.

  123. Thank you! I love your store.

  124. I love Magic Beans, and the personalized customer service I always get when I go there. Thank you! and Happy Birthday!

  125. I’ve always wanted one of these for my 3 year old daughter, Belly! And then we had Gabi (now 14 months), and I still wanted one! And now we’re expecting #3, and I’d love one all the more! Thanks for the generous offer… we love you guys. -Robyn Hunter

  126. Hey great blog and cool giveaway! Happy Bloggiversary!

  127. Happy Birthday!
    Great blog, great store – can’t wait for more!!
    Thanks for doing what you do!!

  128. Happy Blogbirthday! Thanks for keeping us updated with all the great products for our babies. Your store is addicting!!!

  129. woohoo! yummy cake. congrats on making it around the sun a third time! keep it up! how fitting, my twins just turned 3 october 22nd. 🙂 peace & rock on!

  130. Congrats! Great store. My kids always have so much fun there.

  131. Thank you Magic Beans for you wonderful blog. We purchased several items after reading your recommendations (7am bunting, Sophie the giraffe, etc)
    My 5 mos old just started solids, so a trip trapp chair would be a perfect gift for the holidays 🙂

  132. Happy Blogiversary! I love the blog, trust your opinions, and I was excited to see our second was born within days of your third. Congrats, and thanks for building a family-friendly community in Boston!

  133. Great blog…Great store! (and…Great contest!) Kids have loved the gifts that come from Magic Beans!

  134. Congratulations! What a great prize to giveaway!

  135. Happy Blogiversary! Love reading it and Love the store! Congrats and many more blogiversaries to come!

  136. Congrats!! Love the blog, as a first time mom th e product reviews are SO helpful!

  137. Happy blogiversary!
    Love your store and your blog. keep up the good work 🙂

  138. Happy Blogiversary! Long-time customer, new reader. Love the store and the blog!

  139. Happy Birthday! Really like the blog and the store. Many happy wishes for the future.

  140. Happy anniversary. Have enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of years, esp. the product reviews!

  141. Congratulations. We love Magic Beans and love all the products we have bought. Keep up the good work.

  142. Congrats on 3 years. Given the way the economy is and how many families are struggling, perhaps a family in NEED of the highchair would appreciate this gift the most! Maybe donate it:)
    Keep blogging -LOVE reading it.

  143. Congrats on 3 great years. Magic Beans really has great products. Love it!

  144. Congrats on your anniversary – I really love the blog and the store!

  145. Congrats to you!! We would looooove to win this highchair. Fingers crossed!!

  146. congrats! keep up the good work!
    i have two boys that would love a trip trapp.

  147. Love the Magic Beans emails and blog . Thanks to you folks, my daughter has some very innovative toys and we are always well equipped when we go out to eat.

  148. Happy Blog Birthday! Magic Beans is a treasure!

  149. Congratulations on 3 years! Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. Congratulations on the big day!

    Thank you for all of the valuable information!

  151. congratulations!

  152. Thanks for the opportunity. congratulations!

  153. Congratulations! love the blog!

  154. I just wanted to say congratulations! Also to say that I really enjoy your blog being a first time mom. Thank you!

  155. Happy Blogiversary! I find your blog and your store’s site so helpful, so thanks!

  156. Congrats on the blogiversary! Love your store and site!!

  157. Thanks for the contest. We could really use a TRIPP TRAPP for our 1 1/2 year old who eats all day long.

  158. Wow, fabulous! Love the blog, love Magic Beans, and LOOOOVE the Tripp Trapp!

  159. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’m thrilled to have found Magic Beans and am enjoying the blog, the Hingham store and the wonderful people of Magic Beans. Thanks for all your hard work! Would love a Tripp Trapp for the gandbabies!

  160. Happy Blogiversary! We love your stores, especially enjoying the new Wellesley store. We will be making a visit in the coming week for the candy buy back program – my kids are happy to trade in candy for a toy (well discount coupon for a toy). Love that! We always get such great products and advise from your stores. I haven’t been following your blog all along, but I am a fan on Facebook. You guys are great! My 5 year old sits in a Stokke Kinderzeat. We would love a Trip Trap for our 1 year old!

  161. congrats – and crossing our fingers for the tripp trapp.

  162. Happy 3rd! We are so enjoying being part of the Magic Bean family. YOur products and customer service are great. We will be seeing you soon!

  163. What a great store!!

  164. Happy Blogiversary — we love Magic Beans and are big fans of the Stokke products.

  165. what a great idea. The Tripp Trapp chair is really great. We bought a black one for our son and we are planning on adding to our family, so we wil need a 2nd chair soon!

  166. Big Props for the Blog – o – iversay and a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair what a great idea.

  167. Nicole Fitzpatrick

    Happy Blogiversary! I trust your opinions and love the store. One of your employees actually came to my home to help when I received a product missing a piece. FANtastic customer service. Also, love the Tripp Trapp chair. Great give away.

  168. Love that chair!

  169. We love Magic Beans and the blog! Happy Blogiversary! Our new son and your blog have the same birthday week :-).

  170. Thanks Magic beans–great stores! What a terrific prize to be giving away…

  171. Congrats! Love the store, love the blog, love the emails, love the contests, love the employees (in Hingham, our “go-to” store!)…love it all! Keep up the good work!

  172. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  173. Congrats! We LOVE your store and all the online info. Keep it comin’

  174. Congratulations! I love Magic Beans!

  175. Congrats and I love your store!

  176. I love Magic Beans 🙂

  177. I love having a store on the south shore now! Congrats on 3 years!

  178. Congrats. What a great prize.

  179. Happy Blogiversary! Our first child will be arriving in December and we love your store! Your staff in Hingham has been quite helpful in trying to navigate all the baby choices! We bought our stroller with you and will be picking up any remaining items after our upcoming baby shower. I’m hoping to start attending more of your events so I love the updates you send via email! Thanks!

  180. Congratulations! I love your website and blog, so informative! Keep up the great work and thanks for the opportunity to win one of those fantastic chairs!

  181. HAPPY 3rd Birthday! And many more to come…

  182. Clary Geraldino-Karasek

    I would like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations ! on your anniversary. As a new Mom, the information found on your blog has contributed to build my confidence in motherhood. Looking forward to many years to come.

  183. Happy 3rd birthday! I love your store!!

  184. Happy blogiversary!!

  185. We love our tripp trapp that we have for our older daughter. We’d love to expand and add one for our younger one! Happy Blogiversary!

  186. Congratulations! Love your blog and your store’s website.

  187. Congratulations! Keep blogging…I love it!

  188. love this blog! I miss Magic Beans so much it hurts. (I live in California now.) miss u guys!

  189. Congrats, it really doesn’t seem so long since you started and what a great prize.

  190. Congratulations on the big 3! Thanks for all the great information. I love this blog! Keep up the great work!

  191. Thanks for all the great info…such a great resource for parents!

  192. congrats! MB Wellesley is where we got our Stokke crib–love it. great store, great blog.

  193. Happy Blogiversary! The Tripp Trap is my favorite item in your store…would love to have one! It such a better chair for a toddler than a regular high chair!

  194. Hooray! Congratulations!

  195. Happy Blogerviersary. Always something interesting to read! Keep it up!

  196. Congratulations. Magic Beans is magical. We love the store and we love the blog.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  197. Congrats!

  198. Luv the blog! Happy Anniversary!

  199. Great store, great blog. Even grandmothers are reading it–at least this one is!
    Harriet Hilfinger

  200. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for the great giveaway. We would love a Tripp Trapp.

  201. love the blog.
    Congrats and happy Blogiversary

  202. I love to get the MB emails and check in on your blog from time to time. Congrats on the 3 threes – blog-years, kids, and stores!

  203. Congratulations on a great three years!

  204. Fabulous! Keep up the good work.

  205. Happy Birthday Blog! Sounds like it’s been a hectic, but wonderful 3 years. I’ve enjoyed reading your product reviews and updates. Looking forward to more good stuff in the future! 🙂

  206. thank you for your wonderful reviews on so many wonderful products! i registered for the stokke high chair, but never received it. i have drooled over it for some time now! happy birthday!

  207. Happy Blogiversary!!! You have added too many strollers to my life and I just had your blog removed from Fortiguard(?!?!)…All the best, Faith
    PS I may be too late for the high chair but I always have to share my .02

  208. happy blogiversary it’s amazing!! thanks for your wonderful reviews and your amazing store. I spend so much time there!

  209. Congratulations! You are the best baby boutique in the Boston area. We love your stuff!

  210. Happy Blogiversary! I love your store. Your site is the first place I look up or recommend for finding reviews and reliable answers! Keep up the excellence!!

  211. Happy Birthday! Thanks for introducing me to such cool products!

  212. Congrats on your third blogiversary!

  213. Congrats on the Blogiversary! I love reading it and enjoy having this resource. Your store is the way a store should be. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable! I can’t believe how they really seem to know the products in and out. The South Shore is so happy that you have moved in and made it easy for us down here. Thanks!

  214. who won? we all want to know. thanks

  215. Congrats!!

  216. Congrats

  217. I wish you many years of continued success!
    We love your Wellesley store and visit it often, in fact we often stroll down in our Magic Beans purchased Bugaboo Cameleon!
    Thank you for offering an alternative to the run-of-the-mill baby and toy stores.

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