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O Yikes, another diaper bag?

Pink SlingbackIt’s true, there are a lot of diaper bags out there. And with so many options, shelf space in our store has become quite limited, forcing us to be very selective when it comes to bringing new styles on board. But when we stumbled upon the new O Yikes bags at the JPMA show this past May, we took the plunge. We loved the Slingback bag, which is compact, comfortable, and cute, but still sporty enough to be unisex. The interior is loaded with pockets, and each bag comes with several color-coordinated extra components, including an insulated bottle holder, a changing pad and a toiletries bag.

The bag is available in two configurations. “Ready to Go” is packaged with a bundle of “essentials” including sunblock, a disposable camera, nail clippers, an oral syringe for medication, hand sanitizer, a sticky forehead thermometer, diaper cream, a spare onesie and some baby powder. The other option, “Just the Bag” is exactly as it sounds – just the bag (and components), without the essentials. Although we loved the idea of a fully loaded diaper bag, we ultimately felt there wasn’t enough value in the essentials package to justify $30 extra on the price tag. So for now, we’re selling the Slingback “Just the Bag”, but I’m open to feedback on this.

Check out their website, The bag is available in 3 colors.


  1. Two comments on the “essentials”. First, as all actual new parents know, baby powder is out, because it’s not good for little babies to inhale. And second, almost all medicine that’s meant to be syringe fed comes with its own, and a strict warning not to use a different one. The warning is probably overkill, but it’s still another useless “essential.”

  2. There are so many diaper bags now that are so hip and stylish it’s hard to choose just one! But, I have to say I LOVE my Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag! It’s large enough to carry my stuff and the diapers! It also, comes with a matching changing pad & zipper pouch

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