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I remember when I buckled you into your car seat for the first time, heading home from the hospital. I thought, slow down, remember this. By the third time around, I knew already.

It goes way too fast.

Last summer, I sat with you asleep against my chest, feeling the high and trying to memorize all of it. The weight of your body against mine, the astonishing scale of your toes, the slope of your nose. I took so many pictures, as though frozen in time could be the same as freezing time. It’s not.

I was right here the whole time. I watched, so the pot wouldn’t boil. But I must have looked away, because suddenly you’re a boy. Almost. The gummy smile became an impish grin. The velvet baldness now replaced with wispy hair. You’re almost talking, almost walking, almost in college. Almost.

It goes way too fast.

But I’m loving every minute of it. Happy birthday, Zev.


  1. Happy birthday Zev! You are such a lucky little dude! -Christine

  2. Happy Birthday Zev! – Megan

  3. happy birthday zev!!. it really does goes too fast. i actually teared up reading that. wow, my hormones are crazy!! here’s to 120 more wonderful years- c

  4. Very beautiful Sherri. Happy Birthday Zev!

  5. Happy birthday Zev!You are too cute!

  6. He’s beautiful! What a great toothy smile πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful post, beautiful boy. It’s too bad Asher didn’t get to meet him in Chicago!

  8. Amein to c’s bracha!

    I teared up too..and my little guy is only 6.5 months. I guess it’s all about holding on but letting go..sigh..

    Happy, happy birthday Zev!

  9. Such a sweet write-up! Now that I’m expecting my first one to be due soon, I realize that I should enjoy each moment for what it is.

    Happy Birthday, Zev!

  10. What a big boy!!! May you enjoy many more happy birthdays!!!

  11. It’s so not fair that we can’t freeze frame these kids…so strange how you look forward to each new stage while looking back wistfully at the ones that have just passed.
    Welcome to boyhood–it’s a fun ride (at least 80% of the time πŸ˜‰

  12. Thanks for putting into words what I think every day we get closer to the one-year mark over here (August 12.) “Slow down, remember this” is exactly what I’m trying to do. Made me cry.

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