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The calm before the storm

For anyone who’s wondering why the posts are tapering off a bit, it’s just that we’ve been spending some time as a family relishing the last warm days of August. Also (and I know I’m not alone here), my eldest is done with camp, but school hasn’t started yet. So it’s sort of a mandatory imposed semi-vacation. Ahem. But it’s always fun to hang with the kids.

In just a little more than a week, I leave for the ABC Show in Las Vegas, and from there, I will head to Cologne, Germany for the legendary Kind + Jugend, a baby show of apparently biblical proportions packed with eye-popping European innovations. After Cologne, I am traveling with a group of American retailers to Oslo, Norway to tour the Stokke factory and design facility (and maybe a viking ship or two).

Needless to say I am really excited. I will also really, really miss my family. This blog is the main reason why I get to go while my spectacularly generous husband handles both kids (and the beginning of the school year) solo. So I will be reporting diligently, hopefully with up-to-the-minute photographs. If there’s anything in particular that readers would like me to look for, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail – it’s sheri[at]

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