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zev_tuxTwo years ago today you made your entrance, free of drama (thankfully) but full of presence from the start.

My how you’ve grown.

You can run and jump. You sing songs and tell jokes. You love books. You know the difference between a square and a triangle.

You like the slide and the swings but most of all the woodchips on the ground.

You like to cook imaginary food and serve me imaginary bagels.

You love lollipops and rainbow sprinkles.

You’re a night owl and an early riser. You fall asleep best when I’m dozing in your chair.

You say you “want to ‘nuggle” and I melt.

If we don’t come right away when you cry during the night, you pretend to vomit. Or poop.

You’re a die-hard fan of Yo Gabba Gabba and Thomas the Tank Engine, but no one makes you laugh like Grover.

You’re a little bit obsessed with Beyonce.

You always want the pink one. You love to play trucks.

You sometimes steal my toothbrush (probably because it’s pink).

You might never stop breastfeeding, if that decision were up to you alone.

You hug your sisters when they cry. You’ll take any excuse to laugh.

You have opinions. You start conversations. And in just a few weeks, you start school.

How did that happen?

Happy 2nd birthday, Zev.


  1. You’re a great writer! I got a bit teary!

  2. Happy Birthday Zev! How time flies! Congratulations Mom-he seems like an extraordinary little man to me!

  3. my daughter turns two on Sunday! she and Zev are 3 days apart. Happy birthday to a sweet little man!

  4. Jen Salvatoriello

    WOW! How does it happen so fast? Happy Birthday little Zev.

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