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Vegas (with) baby

I am at the 2008 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas with my new little sidekick. Zev and I have been moving at a tortoise’s pace through the show, walking, sitting, nursing, napping (him, not me), chatting (me, not him) and occasionally visiting a booth. The show is gargantuan. There’s no other way to describe it. And if I thought it was big and exhausting last year, when I was completely healthy and starting my mornings with 3-mile runs down the Vegas strip, I’m basically asleep on my feet this year.

But I’m not whining. I’m so happy to be here. There’s a lot to see, a lot that looks interesting, and many friends and strangers who want to admire my baby.

I’ve taken some pictures and gathered some information to share, but I also have a lot of other news to discuss. So let’s get started and see how far I get before I fall asleep or Zev wakes up and needs to nurse – whichever happens first.

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  1. Got a kick out of reading about your experience at the ABC Kids show, because mine was the same. I brought my 3 1/2 month old (my third child), who I’ve starting refering to as my little “product tester.” I went to the show to see all of the new, cool stuff out there to share with my clients and to review on my blog. I was excited and exhausted by the massive show. People kept asking me how Ava was doing and I wanted to say, “Great! Look at her hanging out in this sling, sleeping, taking nursing and diaper breaks… Me on the other hand? I’m overwhelmed and overstimulated!” Surprised I didn’t bump into you in the Mom’s rooms!

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