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Day 12: 4moms Mamaroo

The mamaRoo, created by 4moms, uses robotic technology to soothe your baby: it recreates the motions that moms use to soothe their babies, along with a few other motion modes (the five modes are Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-a-Bye, and Ocean). Babies love motion in part because it stimulates their vestibular system, in part because it mimics the constant motion that they experienced in the womb, and in part because most people enjoy movement to some extent (think about relaxing in a porch swing, or riding a bike, or riding on a rollercoaster). Putting your baby in a mamaRoo lets you rest your arms for a bit while the baby enjoys a pleasant and gentle bounce, and dozes off or watches you go about your other daily business.

Of course, 4moms aren’t the only company that’s concocting ways to use robotics to make child care easier. The adorable Japanese PaPeRo can act as a babysitter for older kids, communicating with parents remotely and supervising and entertaining kids.  It can play games, make conversation, look up information on the Internet, and do a happy dance. The Family Nanny Robot serves many of the same functions, and can serve as a caregiver and companion for the elderly. Neither of these robots are on the market yet, but it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it? This article from Wired goes a few steps further by talking about  some of the recent advances in robot technology, and future of robot child care.

It’s a little soon to contemplate where technology will take parenting next, but for now, innovations like the mamaRoo can save you some time and some aches, and save your baby some crying. Enter today’s giveaway and get your own!

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