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Day 5: Boon Flair High Chair

If we didn’t know how practical and functional the Boon Flair High Chair is, we would still be ooohing and aaahing over its appearance. So shiny, so modern, and look at those yummy colors! But like any product from Boon Inc., the Flair combines delightful form with down-to-earth function. The unusual, graceful pedestal contains a pneumatic lift that makes adjusting seat height easy (it’s fun to play with, too), and the curvy seamless design makes it incredibly easy to keep your Flair Chair clean.

Rebecca Finell, the founder and co-owner of Boon, named the Flair as her favorite invention in an interview with Metroplex Baby & Kids: “It solved all of the issues that I had with high chairs and it looks beautiful in my dining room.” Finell started designing products for families when she was an undergrad studying industrial design at Arizona State University. Her initial intention was to design medical devices, but when her first child was born, she discovered that few products on the market for families met her well-honed design standards, either in function or in appearance. The Frog Pod was her first invention, and since then, she’s been busy creating awesome feeding products, bath toys, potty chairs, and more.

What’s next for Boon? The Animal Bag, which corrals your child’s plush collection and turns it into a comfy beanbag chair, is a Gurock family favorite – read Sheri’s blog about it!boonglo

And we love the space-age look of the Glo, an LED nightlight with removable glowing balls (aesthetically, it kind of reminds us of the episode of Gumby where he’s on the Moon).  Watch our site for this nifty nightlight, and get Glo-ing!

Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, consider the fact that most of Boon’s products solve a parenting dilemma that you’re already thinking about. The Flair cuts down on cleaning, the Squirt simplifies feeding, the Frog Pod corrals bath toys – so, what irritating little problem is annoying you today? Perhaps you can invent a solution. Rebecca Finell describes the genesis of the Flo faucet protector:

“I’m rinsing my children’s hair and they don’t want to bend over under the faucet and you don’t want to have to squish their head under there,” Rebecca explains. “Everyone says, ‘I always divert the water with my hand.

“Then they say, ‘I could have thought of that.'”

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  1. The Boon Flair HIgh Chair looks sophisticated and functional would love this in my home for our little one

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