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Day 7: Birthday Bonanza

For as long as we’ve been doing our 31 Days of Giveaways, we’ve done something special on the 7th day of the month. This year, we’re giving away 3 items that have a special place in the past, present and future of Magic Beans. Let me explain.

Maclaren Volo

Maclaren Volo ScarletWhen we were first starting Magic Beans, we ended up in a little bit of a kerfuffle. Another local baby store chain, now out of business, tried to convince many of the baby gear brands to boycott our store. It was a stressful time to say the least (not helped by the fact that I literally walked in the door from the hospital after delivering baby #2 when I first learned about this). Maclaren was one of the companies shutting us out, and I was literally despondent about it (post-partum hormones, maybe?).

But seriously. How could we open a baby store without Maclaren? I convinced the Maclaren representative to at least come and visit, see the store under construction and get to know the neighborhood a little. He came on a beautiful, sunny day, toured the store and ate a slice of pizza with me. A parade of strollers passed by the window as we ate our lunch; it was as if I’d arranged the whole thing (I swear, I didn’t). By the end of the day, Maclaren was officially part of the Magic Beans family. They’ve never looked back, and neither have we.

To this day, the Volo remains one of my favorite strollers. It’s lightweight, very well-made and so beautiful, too.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Organic CarrierI will never forget the first time I called Ergo Baby in Hawaii and spoke to Karin Frost’s father on the phone. He told me they’d run out of carriers to sell, and to try them again in a month or two. When we finally got them in, we were one of just a handful of stores in the Northeast selling their carrier. Six years later, Ergo carriers were a best-seller — and Karin Frost sold her company for $91 million dollars.

Inspiring, right?

Clek Oobr

Clek Oobr Booster SeatIt was love at first sight for Magic Beans and Clek. The fresh, modern look of their booster seats stopped us in our tracks. But while the seats are beautiful on the outside, they’re also amazing on the inside. Clek is always on the cutting edge of safety and technology, and their seats perform accordingly. The Oobr is easily the nicest belt-positioning booster seat on the market, and Clek is just getting started. We can’t wait to see what comes next from this young, hip company.

Happy birthday, Magic Beans. Here’s to many more years and many more fabulous products. Today’s giveaway will have 3 different winners – one for each prize. Enter to win now.

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