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31 Days of Giveaways is coming (and a Twitter party!)

A little over three years ago, we were sitting in our conference room trying to brainstorm a special way to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Magic Beans. Eli looked up and said, “What if we gave away something awesome every day for the whole month?” It was a great idea, and we did it. 31 Days of Giveaways was born, and it was a huge success.

Now, we’re about to celebrate our 8th “birthday” and on July 1, we’ll launch the 4th annual 31 Days of Giveaways. We’ve tried to improve the giveaways each year (and we even won an MITX award for last year’s promotion!) and we think this year is going to be the best one yet. We have over $13,500 in amazing prizes — you have to see the list to believe it.

It all starts on Sunday at 12:01am EST at

We decided to ask our friend Jamie Grayson (just featured in the New York Times!!) to host a Twitter party. Because we love Jamie, we love his Twitter parties and we love giving things away.

Here are the details:
When: July 1 from 9-10pm EST
Who: Expectant parents, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who wants to win something awesome for the kids in their lives.
Hashtag: #31giveaways
Custom Tweetgrid: Click here!
Prizes: We’ll be giving away 4 $50 gift cards to Magic Beans (so you can score what YOU want most)

To RSVP, use the Rafflecopter below (get used to Rafflecopter – you’ll be seeing a lot of it this month!), and leave a comment with your Twitter handle. See you Sunday night and good luck in the giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hello I’ll definately b at the twitter party tomorrow! Love all ur twitter party chats, thank u for offering prices too 🙂 *fingers crossed* my twitter account: @lizticona
    chat with you sooooon 🙂

  2. @ktleen2 I can’t wait for the party…and of course, the next 31 fabulous days too! Thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks to Jamie Grayson for posting this info. having our 2nd baby in about 9 Weeks…excited to hear more about what magic beans has in store!

  4. @al_arely

  5. Can’t wait! Love magic beans!

  6. @Akauz will be there 🙂

  7. @iowagalatheart

  8. I will definitely join the party my twitter name is M_chelle4

  9. @immortalb4 should be there if a bit late

  10. Wow this party couldnt get any better. 31 days of giveaways is great. I wanna party and win for my baby due on July 19,2012 … Love it

  11. I can’t wait for the party! Mom of a 3 week old and a 3 yr old! @raarm85

  12. Twitter handle : danitapia88
    Thanks alot !!!

  13. Twitter party it is! Theyre *so* fun! @kniv3z will be present for the presents :))

  14. love it! this is a great giveaway sequence- maybe this year is my year for the 31 giveaways!

  15. @indecisive_girl Can’t wait!

  16. Almost as excited for the 31 days of giveaways as I was for Drool!! Can’t wait ’till tomorrow!!! Good luck all!

  17. Shelbie Johnston

    I’ll be there! @sweepscat713 🙂

  18. I’ll be there! @aahaft

  19. RSVP! @lifeonprint See you there!

  20. RSVP @sweetmatcha or @sweetmatchajail, can’t wait, sounds fun!

  21. I’ll be at the party! RSVP @LuckySweeper

  22. MOM4everandever


  23. I can’t wait!!! Twitter: jocelyns09

  24. Count me in – all the kids should be in bed by then!!

  25. @jackiehoglund

  26. RSVP @LLLSummer

  27. Sounds fun! I’m @mamasmiles 🙂

  28. @meltzerfamily will be there to party!!

  29. Thanks, this is great

  30. See you all tonight and all month long!

  31. @ktranfaglia Yay, can’t wait

  32. The B Ready would help me Be ready for all sorts of things a mother of 2 small boys attempts 🙂 Mostly those days when we have so mush to do, and need to get all that needs doing over quick!!

  33. @albertinepress I always love seeing the favorites (and trying to win) durin the month of giveaways.

  34. Trying to win this time! I really need a double stroller!

  35. Yay!! I love your Twitter Parties!! My3LittleEs will be there!!

  36. Can’t wait! @thinkermommy

  37. Woohoo!

  38. so excited! @redsoxdad

  39. I’ll be there @pat258

  40. I have 3 kids so this would be great for me.

  41. Love the first day giveaway – the Britax B Ready with the extra seat would be perfect for our toddler and new baby!

  42. Excited to be there tonight! @candypo

  43. Great giveaway!!! Hope I win in!!!!

  44. @crupprecht is excited to join in!

  45. @mleerx Looking forward to it!

  46. @SarahTess__

  47. @Floydmoe YAY! Thanks!!!

  48. @se_reese. Just joined twitter (for this giveaway) and already invited to my 1st party 😉 Looking forward to it…thanks!

  49. I’m sooooo excited! Your Twitter parties are the best!

    Chat with you later… @candyland0606

  50. @Krazed79 can’t wait!!!

  51. @moneteg looking forward to it!

  52. @carlaboo11

    RSVP! Can’t wait to party! 🙂

  53. @haileylafone Can’t wait!!

  54. I’ll be there!

  55. @_tubbytelly will be there

  56. @amommyinthecity

  57. Planning to join in the fun 🙂 @greenmama88

  58. Would love to win! I’ll be there – @msjw11

  59. @gabriellesarcia

  60. kmyers79

  61. Party whoop, whoop!!!! @M_chelle4

  62. Gizella DiVenere

    @MommaGiz YAY!!! So excited!

  63. @lovemywyguy I love the first give away too it would be super helpful with the next baby

  64. Yea!! I hope I get lucky this month and win one of the amazing things you are giving away. So excited! Congratulations on your Anniversary!

  65. So excited for the 31 days!! Look forward to it every July 🙂
    Would love the Britax Bready – just had #2 3 months ago and could use a double!!

  66. @kiminila

    Can’t wait <3

  67. @motheringnaomi Sounds fun!!!

  68. Stephanie Fabian

    Looking forward to it! @ellefab1225

  69. Rivka (Tara) Pomerantz

    hey @rivpom will probably be there! should be fun!

  70. Hannalore Kirkaldy

    @diorprincess88 so excited!

  71. I’ll be there! @missmaammeesh

  72. @4649miranda

  73. Yay! Love Jamie and super excited for your giveaways!

  74. Aaaand I forgot my twitter handle. 🙂 @jessicaesquire

  75. Sounds fun and exciting!!! @MommyofB

  76. @tweetyscute

  77. Very excited for the 31 days giveaway!

  78. Oops, I forgot to add that if I won the B-Ready, I’d be ready for those last minute requests from my stepdaughter for babysitting her two little boys!

  79. @lake12 looking forward!

  80. I hope I win!!1

  81. Could use a good stroller 🙂

  82. Looking forward to it. It will be a fun Sunday night & fun July! @CharChronicles

  83. Very Excited! RSVPing @mollydoo2

  84. Stephanie Sass

    Yahoo! Twitter parties are fun! @TylerGsMama

  85. @eamonsmom_

  86. RSVP @CraysMom , Looks like a fun party !! See Ya There !! Im bringing a fruit and cheese tray 🙂

  87. stacey brickner

    Can’t wait. Handle is @st4ceynicole

  88. RSVP @ninjalyons

  89. RSVP @nikki2kids

  90. RSVP’ing @BabiexNicci

  91. Woohoo! MAgic Beans is like no other!!!

  92. RSVP @LobatoVicky

  93. @love_never_fail will be there!

  94. Not sure if my first entry actually went through…. @love_never_fail

  95. RSVP for @dreamfishing. Sounds like such a fun party!! Will be there!!

  96. Great giveaway ! See at the party 😉

  97. see ya there!

  98. @emily_moyer

  99. RSVP as lbandj 🙂

  100. @cheripugatch

    Can’t wait for this!

  101. Kristina Sullins


  102. @tinysophisticat fun fun fun!

  103. Rsvp for @ktranfaglia

  104. @ylimes7

  105. @jessicamnorman

  106. I’ll be there! @daytodaymoments

  107. @mellanhead

  108. @sillysheep will be there 🙂

  109. @saravvocata woo!

  110. What an awesome giveaway! @Techtembo888 will be there

  111. @norwayski

  112. @eeyore004

  113. @gabookworm

  114. RSVP as W S

  115. @anonymom1

  116. RSVPing for @msbruschetta!

  117. @claire_m_clarke

    !! yay!!

  118. So excited this is back!!

  119. RSVP cckeating

  120. RSVP @mommyisshopping. See you there.

  121. RSVP @KaratewithaZ

  122. @Chelyea 😀

  123. RSVP @verditl

  124. I RSVPED as my nickname… new to twitter…actual name lucyloo0826

  125. RSVPing frm the west coast hopefully not too late @slstaffo

  126. rxvp as @jennifercrewell

  127. I LOVE the 31 Days of Giveaways!

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