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Birthday Blitz

Happy 5th birthday, Magic Beans. Today, for the 7th day of our 31 Days of Giveaways celebration, we’re going overboard. Instead of giving away just one item, we’re giving away 8. Why 8 and not 5? After all, it is our 5th birthday. But we couldn’t choose just 5, so we decided to screw the symbolism; the more the merrier.

First up, we have a Maclaren Quest, a longtime favorite of mine, both personally and professionally. There are some strollers that will work out well for just about everyone, and the Quest is one of them. We are among the ranks of happy Quest customers. Our Quest withstood many miles of hard use with our two older kids, and continues to roll for good friends of ours.

Next, we have the Fire Rescue Set from Kidkraft. The first time I saw this at the Kidkraft booth at Toy Fair, I found myself wishing I had a son (yes, I know, girls can play with this too, but mine probably wouldn’t). The play value on this set is just amazing. The firehouse comes with a wooden fire truck, a sliding pole, 2 firemen, some furniture, a rescue helicoptor and even a dalmatian. The whole thing sits on a turntable, so it can swivel easily.

Third up will be a Buggy Board, a product which really needs no introduction. While I never used one (my girls were too close together in age), countless numbers of my friends rave about it.

Fourth is Sophie the Giraffe, the mysteriously captivating rubber squeaky toy that’s all the rage with the 12-months and under set. My son is among the thousands of babies who can’t be without his French friend.

The fifth product is a gift set from Bebe au Lait, which includes their nursing cover, bib and burp cloth. Their nursing cover is a godsend for shy moms and distracted babies (or any combination thereof), and their bib is a clever, 4-sided design that uses strong magnets to stay in place.

Sixth, we have a Twilight Turtle, the nursery companion that projects twinkling stars on the ceiling. This is one of the most popular baby gifts we sell. I have not brought one home for my baby, only because I am confident his sisters will steal it and then argue over who gets to keep it for the night.

Seventh is the Birthday Set from Melissa & Doug. We’ve got a warm and wonderful relationship with this company, and I can always count on them to be supportive of charitable auctions, special events or any other crazy ideas. This Birthday Set has immense play value that easily evolves as kids grow older and more sophisticated. It has been a staple in our playroom for several years.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll offer an Ergo Baby Carrier. When we first opened, hardly anyone had heard of Ergo. The company was tiny and reaching them during normal business hours on Hawaiian Standard Time was always tricky. We were the first store in Massachusetts to carry this product in October of 2004, and I remember when I saw them at the ABC Show for the first time a few years later, my first thought was “Uh oh, the secret’s out.” Sure enough, this carrier has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past 5 years. It’s been remarkable to watch them slowly overtake their competitors, and the Ergo is now our #1 selling baby carrier by a significant margin. I love this because the Ergo is a phenomenal product, and they’ve developed their market share, not with advertising dollars, but by the power of happy parents spreading the word.

Enter once, enter 8 times, and blow out a candle for us today (don’t forget to make a wish).


  1. I wish the form would work on my phone (I have the TMobile G1)…I have been following every day, and today we will be out all day!! Happy birthday Magic Beans!!!

  2. Great selection! I’ve been dying to get my daughter Sophie the Giraffe and will definitely buy it if I don’t win it. 🙂 I’m also really eager to try the Ergo Baby Carrier. I have another brand and it’s just become too uncomfortable to use as my daughter has gotten older. I’ve heard great things about Ergo.

    Thanks again for the awesome giveaways and all the fun!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for such a gracious month of giveaways! I love the site, love the blog, and wish I lived close enough to visit in person!

  4. As a mom of five under 4.5 yrs old, they all look great. My youngest turns one today so it’s birthdays all around. We got the sight n sounds splash table. Cant wait for a sunny day now…

  5. Awesome giveaways! I don’t see the button to enter?

  6. Oh boy, all these midnight giveaways are starting to catch up with me! Sorry! Here’s the link:

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