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Friday fun: artisanal car seats and more from the Onion

If you’re an Onion fan (and we are), you know how delightful and wicked their satire can be, skewering social and political trends of every kind. This video caught our attention because we take car seats very seriously:

I’m going to assume that Mrs. Manning-Devlin knows what she’s talking about when she asserts that the Nantucket Dandy weaving pattern is one of the strongest basket styles, but believe me when I say that you’re definitely better off with a car seat with typical plastic and steel. The steampunk-style “Vintage Child-Strapping Machine” looks pretty cool though!

Here’s more terrific advice from Grace Manning-Devlin that we think you’ll enjoy:

What Kind of Mom Stick Is Right For You?*

Baby-Naming Tips for New Moms 

Where Do You Rank On the Overall Mom Leaderboard? 


*While it’s undeniable that a Mom Stick is useful if an animal gets in the house, sadly, we’re sold right out of our supply.


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  1. This is hilarious!

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