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Great IdeaPaint Giveaway

ideapaintAs anyone who has ever sat in a meeting with me knows, I love whiteboards. I love the way a whiteboard can help organize a conversation, define objectives and lend focus to an outcome. They’re also very entertaining when my kids come to visit – something which may be unremarkable in most other offices, but given that our office is usually littered with interesting toys, I’m always surprised by the whiteboard’s gravitational pull.

When we were first approached about IdeaPaint, I thought it was an amazing idea. I’ve often dreamed of painting my entire office with whiteboard paint, but couldn’t find any reliable way to do it. The guys who founded IdeaPaint had the same problem, but being entrepreneurial business students, they saw an opportunity and jumped on it. The paint they have developed is outstanding.

IdeaPaint comes in a box with everything you need to apply the paint to a primed surface (including a roller). The finish is glossy and it erases beautifully with no “ghosting.” Their CRE-8 home line is a water-based paint that is formaldehyde-free and conforms to all US EPA regulations. Best of all? It comes in COLORS.

The best way to experience IdeaPaint is to see it in action. That’s why I’m insanely excited that IdeaPaint is installing an enormous mural in our Wellesley store. I will post pictures as soon as it’s done. Meanwhile, you can check out their YouTube videos, which also really show the product nicely. IdeaPaint is now available through and in all of our stores. The retail price is $99 for 25 square feet or $175 for 50 square feet.

In honor of the 4th birthday of our blog today, we’re excited to be giving away a 25 sq ft box of the CRE-8 paint. Enter to win in 3 ways (for a maximum of 3 entries per person).

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d use your IdeaPaint.

2. Tweet about this on twitter and tell us what your kids would do if the walls were all whiteboard. Use the #ideapaint hashtag and mention @mbeans so we can track your entry.

3. Leave a comment on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to tell us how you’d use IdeaPaint in your home. Good karma if you share this link with your friends. We can’t track that, or we’d give you credit.

Enter by Sunday 10/25 at midnight EST.


  1. We have been looking for cool ways to decorate the walls of our daughters room. THis would allow us to solve that delema and allow her to display her artistic abilities as she continues to grow and experience the world around her.

  2. This would be so great in our playroom. We used to have one chalkboard wall but we moved and I haven’t gotten around to painting yet. The girls would love to draw and write their letters.

  3. I love this! I have been wanting to do my girls’ clothes with chalk board paint, but did not want to deal with chalk in their bedrooms, this would be the perfect solution!

  4. This is just as good as chalkboard paint… if not better! I would use it on an antique door that’s sitting in our basement. I’d paint one side with the IdeaPaint, and the other side with chalkboard paint. Then, I would either use the door as a table or as a hanging decoration.

  5. I am making a playroom for my daughter and a whiteboard on one of the walls would be awesome! What a cool product!

  6. I would love to try this out! My kids are always drawing and making art, they would flip if they could do it on the walls too! I would put it in the kitchen since that’s where we usually hang out.

  7. This is fabulous. We’ve been looking to refinish an old dresser in our son’s room. Doing the sides in IdeaPaint would give him an accessible easel, an item we’ve been longing to get him, and save some space in our tiny apartment 🙂

  8. Great idea! We’d love this for our little girl.

  9. We are still waiting to paint the interior of our house. That could be so cool in the living room for the kids!

  10. I would love to use ideapaint throughout the entire house. In my husband’s office so he can study with ease and I can leave him “Honey do-list” anywhere. On our kitchen refrigerator so I can put list of what groceries needed; schedule things; in our son’s room so that we can have fun and track his growth; and in our bedroom….I will leave that one out. I absolutely love the idea of ideapaint.

  11. We would draw together every day if we had whiteboard walls.

  12. I’d like to paint an area of the kitchen for the girls to do art work and I can write my lists.

  13. Wow, this would be awesome! We are in middle of renovating the little man’s room and he would LOVE to be able to color on the walls, and I would love to be able to just wipe it off 🙂

  14. If I were to receive IdeaPaint, I would use it in my room so I can use it to do homework rather than waste the countless pieces of paper I use working out math problems every night.

    IdeaPaint – Not only a brilliant idea but environmentally friendly, save your paper and write on your wall!

  15. Oh! I love this concept.

    I would use it by the front door, as a memo space (“don’t forget…”). It would also be fun as a sketchpad for the boys, or as a growth chart.

  16. Happy fourth birthday! I remember waiting for you to open, always walking down Harvard ave with my little one in the stroller, peering in the windows! Magic Beans was our favorite hang out spot for playing on rainy days (and not rainy days!), music with Vanessa, and buying gear, toys, cds, books… I now live in the midwest and miss you so much!

    We just bought our house and are making the basement into a total kid space — fun couches, easy to reach shelves, lots and lots of toys (and no nagging from mom to put them away every night). The decor will consist of only the kids’ framed artwork and projects. IdeaPaint would be the icing on the cake. Choose me, choose me!

  17. I’d love to make a shaped board in my office to scribble on… and occupy my kids!

  18. This would be great to have at the co-op I volunteer at. The adults and kids would enjoy it

  19. As engineering students in college, my friends and I NEED help doing our intense calculus and physics derivations, and more often than not, our work includes circuit or free body diagrams, graphs, or other images. Our solution to this so far (besides passing papers with our work around) has been to hang 2 large whiteboards in our living room, and cover the area between them with a clear, glossy tape (which works good enough, but leaves some residue).

    IdeaPaint would be a more ideal solution to our cheap, ghetto setup.

  20. I would use IdeaPaint to study BioChemistry and learn mechanisms at med school in order to better mankind. I need a board to draw possible pathways to study diseases!

  21. IdeaPaint would be great to turn my bedroom into a big ‘memo paper’. Right now there are small memo papers everywhere, multiple phone texts to self as reminders and the calendar on my phone is stuffed with all kinds of reminders and ideas as well. IdeaPaint would be the perfect way to get things organized!

  22. I would paint my room. I already have a dry erase board in there that serves as a permanent to-do list, but I also like to doodle on it… with this I could doodle everywhere!

  23. This looks so cool. I would probably paint a wall in our kitchen for memos and for our son to draw on while we cook dinner.

  24. I would totally do paint the doors to my sons closets that cover basically one wall in their room. They would love to be allowed to color upstairs, since right now they are only allowed to color on our main floor, so exciting!!!

  25. I would paint a replica of our white stair banister on my son’s wall. Then maybe he’d stop drawing on our banister!

  26. Love the idea. Can now breathe easy when kids say.”mom I’m writing on the wall”.

  27. I would paint my bedroom wall to display my poetry and art work. Totally would not have to repaint my room with IdeaPaint each time I want a change.

  28. I would use in 3 places in our new house. First in all 3 of my kids room. How fun it would be to them to be allowed to color on the walls. Then in the playroomso threy can have the best playdates ever. We miss your store and hope we win. Love you all
    Cheryl mom to 3 beutiful children age 7, 3 and 5 months

  29. I would put this in a classroom in our 35 year old high school to see if we could eventually get it in all the classrooms that are still using chalkboards.

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