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It’s a Drool Twitter Party!

We’re counting down the final days before Drool. The floorplan is set. The vendor list is beyond our wildest dreams. The gift bags are outrageous. The raffle prizes are amazing. Every detail is falling into place. So now it’s time to kick back and have some fun. Join us this Sunday night (Mother’s Day!!) as we bring the spirit of Drool to the interwebs with a very special Twitter Party, hosted by our wonderful friend Jamie Grayson. We’ll  have fabulous prizes (including one of those aforementioned gift bags), some great conversation and a drink or two in hand.

Drool is all about sharing information with new and expectant parents. We recognize that it’s overwhelming to make sense of all the baby gear options out there, and that there’s no cookie-cutter solution that works for each family. But there are some great strategies that can help parents assess products and make good decisions. Jamie will join me and our friend Charlene from Charlene Chronicles to dish about some of our best tips for registries, stroller shopping, car seat selection, baby carrier options and many more. Whether you’re in the market for new gear or you have some great advice to share, you are welcome to join the conversation.

If you live in Boston and you haven’t already bought your tickets, there are still a few left. Go to to learn more.

The details
When: May 13, 2012 from 8-9pm EST.
Who: You and anyone who know who is pregnant, has a baby, or is just gear-obsessed (like us).
Hashtag: #DroolBaby.
Custom Tweetgrid:
Drool Sponsors: @mbeans @britax @ergobaby @orbitbaby @viacord @bugaboo … and many more
Prize Sponsors: @ergobaby @skiphop @mdmoms @snoozeshade @nestedbean @babyktan @weangreen @ellaskitchen @tinyhanger @kayaskloset
Party Hosts: @TheBabyGuyNYC with a little help from @SheriGurock, @CharChronicles and, of course, @DroolBaby.

To be eligible to win prizes, you must register by commenting on this post.


  1. I can’t wait for the expo!!

  2. count me in!

  3. I’m going to try to make it! Psyched for Drool, for sure!

  4. Sounds fun!!!

  5. Cant wait for Drool and the pre-drool twitter party with Jamie ad Charlene!

  6. Would love to win!! 🙂

  7. Looking forward to the Drool Twitter party, and Drool expo too!

  8. I wouldn’t miss it! RSVP @ABCGP

  9. I’m glad we’re doing a Mother’s Day lunch so I’m free in the evening 🙂


  10. @_tubbytelly will be there

  11. I’ll be there!!

  12. I hope to be in, if I can get all my kids to keep busy

  13. So excited! Love TheBabyGuy twitter parties!

  14. Count me in!

  15. Stephanie Fabian

    Woo hoo!

  16. I’m in! My birthday is tomorrow so I am expecting a win. ha ha!

  17. in in in!! @organicmommyluv

  18. Can’t wait! @ktleen2

  19. love twitter parties! I’ll be there.

  20. Looking forward to the twitter party since I can’t be there in person! @adgemc

  21. I’m so excited for Tuesday! It’s going to be so much fun! Thanks for hosting Magic Beans.

  22. Never been to a twitter party….but excited to see what it’s about!

  23. See you at Drool! But will not be able to make it tonight as that is bed time for my daughter.

  24. Oops I mean Sunday night

  25. Should we be leaving our twitter names? @amycoh just in case… Looking forward celebrating a Drool-icious Mothers Day

  26. I’ll try to not forget to be there. 😉

  27. I’m in!

  28. I’ll be there! @mamasmiles Very excited for Drool!!!

  29. So much fun! Drooling over all that great baby stuff for my first little one

  30. Looking forward to the Twitter party!!

  31. @BarBriStuffToDo – Excited for my first twitter party.

  32. Yay! Looking forward to Drool! My twitter name is @prettybird

  33. RSVP @tiankinasih

  34. Excited to participate!!

  35. Sounds exciting!

  36. So looking forward to the Twitter bash & the expo too.

  37. So excited for Drool and the twitter party!

  38. Great for us ex-bostonites @L_PF

  39. I would love to join in- but live across the state. So envious;)

  40. @sunnysky05

  41. Sounds like fun, but not a twitter user 🙁 Hope I can still watch/listen.

  42. Can’t wait for this!

  43. RSVP!!

  44. Laura @Mom_Mart

    This should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait.

  45. Looking forward to this! Went to the expo yesterday with my sister- (we were both expecting) and LOVED it!!

  46. Hoping to be there! @cascadil

  47. Will definitely try to make it @PediGG Can’t wait for Tuesday

  48. ohhh…sounds like fun. see you there!!

  49. I will be in the middle of mother’s day dinner….but I’ll be lurking! 🙂

  50. Jennifer Crewell

    count me in @jennifercrewell

  51. @zmama09 sounds like fun!

  52. Can’t wait for the expo

  53. Looking forward to it!

  54. Crystal Loftus

    Oooh thanks so much!!!
    My twitter name is

  55. Sounds like fun! Would love to join! My Twitter name is @lilcoderbaby

  56. Can’t wait!

  57. Neat!

  58. Jennifer McCarrell

    Looking forward to the twitter party. This will only be my second one!

  59. Can’t wait!!!

  60. What a great idea!!

  61. Yay! My first twitter party! @FAMBirthtrust

  62. @spritzey. I love a good twitter party!!!

  63. Courtney Nelson

    Wish I lived closer so I could attend!

  64. Sounds fun…I’m in!


  65. I wish this were near me. Oh wellI can settle for the twitter party.

  66. Lori Princiotto

    Sounds like a great event online and in Boston. Too bad I can only attend online.

  67. I’m always obsessed with new gear even though my kids are big now. Can’t wait to viisit Drool with my friend and her baby to be!


  68. cool! rsvp’ed. @pineycone

  69. Christina Sanchez

    @mrs_chez13 excited!

  70. can’t wait! @velveteenmama

  71. Wish I could attend, sounds awesome!!


  72. Domestic Engineering

    @domstcengnrng planning to tune in

  73. Would love to join!

    Twitter @KAttenborough

  74. Looking forward to both events!

  75. Yay! I plan to be there!

  76. Sounds fun!! I’d love to win something for my baby girl!!

  77. Tiffany Ketcham

    @tiffsky80 will be there!

  78. Patricia Lopez

    Sweet can’t wait !!!! @pattylovespink

  79. sounds like fun!too bad its !on a sunday! hope i can snag some computer time from hubby!

  80. Sounds great – see you then!

  81. Looking forward to it. @SweetInSAHMnity

  82. Yay! Can’t wait! @butterfly1979_2

  83. Yay! Twitter name is Lyssa2179

  84. Kristal Strawn

    @BabysBlueFairy sounds fun can’t wait

  85. I will be there! @missmaammeesh

  86. Can we participate if we don’t live in Boston? #brooklynmomtobe

  87. Cant wait! @lake12

  88. Can’t wait for the Twitter party!

  89. Can’t wait for the twitter party. Fingers crossed.


  90. will try to be there – sounds like fun!

  91. I’ll be there!

  92. @szfehler – wish i could be in Boston to see the whole event! But babe is due in sixteen (give or take) days!

  93. Vanessa Peterson

    @v1v2 Sounds great!

  94. Wish I could be in Boston! Sadly, I cannot be. 🙁 Got my fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed! Good luck everyone!


  95. Hi Beth. You can definitely participate from anywhere in the country. Thanks so much!

  96. @dzkittie. Looking forward to it!!!

  97. sounds like fun! count me in. @megbrothers

  98. Michelle (@MishInNJ)

    Sign me up! I’d love to win a gift bag of swag for my little 4 month old lady! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies!

  99. Cannot Wait! Still need so much stuff! Yay!!! @ktleen2

  100. can’t wait @kaplogna

  101. Awesome!


  102. So excited!! @moluco11

  103. Can’t wait! @saravvocata

  104. Fun idea!

  105. Fun idea! @Aubrie_g

  106. @Krazed79 will be there!!! 🙂

  107. Awesome! Can’t wait! Twitter- mulishachix

  108. samantha clinton

    twitter name: @futilewish

    can not wait!!

  109. Looking forward to this!

  110. Love baby gear !! My twitter name is @emily_moyer

  111. @violetsouffle

    Oh! I will so be there!

  112. Awesome, looking forward to it! @octoberthings

  113. Yay! So excited!

  114. Fingers crossed @lindso

  115. I’ll try and make it @immortalb4

  116. Yay can’t wait for tonight!!!

  117. Can’t wait for tonight!!! @shebebrie

  118. I’m in! 🙂


  119. Sounds great! @staycationmama

  120. My twitter name is Kem1005! 🙂

  121. angel hernandez

    Can’t wait!

  122. Will be there.

  123. I’ll be there!
    twitter name: @Reneacarlypike

  124. Cant wait! I love a good twitter party! @kristenjoyk

  125. Sounds like fun. my twitter name is @MrsNewmaniac 🙂

  126. Sounds like fun!

  127. I’ll be there! Thanks!

    Twitter: @3xtiger

  128. Yay! Fun! Thank you!
    (9 months old)

  129. Excited for the party! @sarahv_MPLS

  130. Great! @kgrifslp

  131. Phylicia Phillips



  132. Awesome…thanks! @akauz

  133. Sounds like fun!!

  134. I’ll be there!

  135. @Byrdy1999 will be there…due in Sept. awesome timing

  136. Hope this mothers day will bring some awesome prizes! Can’t wait! @mariamnasr12

  137. Cant wait!

  138. Will be there

  139. Excited for my 2nd Twitter Party @3LittleEs

  140. Sorry @My3LittleEs I just changed my name and forgot what it was. lol

  141. So Excited!! I planned on going but will be out of state so I am HOPING I get my hands on some great baby swag! @mrsmamagiff

  142. Gonna try and make it. @bluenude3

  143. Can’t wait! Hopefully this will be my lucky night! It’s been a pretty uneventful Mother’s Day with the normal! (Cleaning, cranky kids, laundry, cutting the lawn, etc. LOL) Could use a BANG/prize to end my night on a good note!

    See you in a couple hours!


  144. Christina Brundick

    thanks for the Twitter party,going to try and make it!

  145. @mellanhead can’t wait!

  146. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Wish I could have attended Drool Baby Expo!

  147. Will be there! 🙂 s.solchenberger

  148. can’t wait!!

  149. Yea can’t wait!!!!

  150. Sounds like FUN!!! @LSAS1

  151. woops! heres me: @btlbrat

  152. woot! ready to win stuff! see ya shortly! 🙂 @sheliamaia

  153. Can’t wait!!


  154. Awesome way to celebrate mother’s day! @Lerwin1324

  155. See you then! @candacki

  156. So excited to go to this event! @unpreparedmom

  157. Looking forward to the party and to Tuesday!

  158. Looking forward to the party @lisagami

  159. Would love to win!

  160. I’ve never done a twitter party! Will try to be there!

  161. oh awesome, cant wait ,we love magic beans!

  162. Opps, I forgot- I’m @aswansie

  163. Jessica Whynott

    So excited! Can’t wait 🙂

  164. super excited! Maybe I will ge lucky! 😛

  165. and I’m @ssolchenberger

  166. Looking forward to it! @holdenonbaby

  167. See you at the twitter party! @stacie01501

  168. nellie schultz

    sounds like lots of information and great prizes @aanursemom

  169. @qgalaway

  170. cant wait@ fraidysmile

  171. so exciting! @caelancash

  172. woo hoo @ellefab1004

  173. @mrsvirgomama

  174. Please enter me to win. See you at the tweet partee! @Maebaiby

  175. Happy Mothers Day @kristrange

  176. Raeanne Brazee

    so excited @BostonBabyBegin

  177. Fun! I’m @jblazar

  178. forgot to add @kmherbert7

  179. Hey ya’ll! @mamariles

  180. Hello friends! @mamainthepark

  181. @melissabuonanno rsvp

  182. Just in time, I hope! @mamaparms

  183. @mylovelyowls
    Hoping to be there! 🙂

  184. I’ll be there @paulaedgar !

  185. gonna try to party w/ ya’all


  186. count me in! @redsoxdad

  187. Im there! @and2became6

  188. looks like fun! i’m in! @ylimes7

  189. hi! @rioceans

  190. I’ll be there! @mamasarahjane

  191. Yay! Will be tweeting from car 🙂

  192. Happy mother’s day magic beans!!

  193. I’ll be there!!!!

  194. I’m late.. hope it’s ok!


  195. Can we still join the fun?

  196. Im way late 🙂 @a_biro

  197. I’m late too but hope I can jump in the fun!

  198. LOVE the new color! @forkintheroad84

  199. Very sorry to have missed it – meet the midwives at the Brigham is today from 7-8pm. Can not skip that but sad to have missed drool.

  200. Michelle Williams

    Pick me!! 🙂

  201. Michelle Williams


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