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Listen up: new radio ads

We’ve just launched a new radio ad campaign on MIKE FM (93.7) in Boston. It was a little tricky fitting everything there is to love about Magic Beans into just 15 seconds. It could have also been a challenge finding a seven-year-old who could say “cerebral cortex” but it wasn’t. Having a brainy kid has its benefits (thanks, Audrey). This is still a work in progress, so please share your feedback. Seriously. Can you understand what she’s saying? We can. But we’re a little biased.

15 Second Spot #1

15 Second Spot #2

15 Second Spot – Halloween


  1. Great! Very cute. I can understand everything but I had to rewind to hear “gift wrap.” otherwise I think it’s great!
    She should really be paid for her work, though!

  2. I think they all have something that will catch the listeners attention at the beginning and overall the pieces are very cute. If you don’t know what the ad is about, the Halloween one kind of goes over the Magic Beans name-drop a little too quickly and some people might now catch it the first time. Overall though, I think you might have a star on your hands…Bravo guys, and especially Audrey!

  3. I had a little trouble understanding Spot 2.

    I think they are overall very cute. I already know how great Magic Beans’ toys are, but I don’t know that the first ad sets it apart enough. I understand where the ad is going, but am not sure it does enough to say the “good” toys are better than any old toy.

  4. I love them! (and what a great idea – to trade in candy for 25% off a toy!)

    The only thing I had trouble understanding was your website in the first clip. It sounded like “MB’”, which I knew wasn’t right. Are they still edit-able? Can she have a do-over to pronounce mbeans more clearly/slowly?

  5. I had some trouble understanding #2.
    Also, in #1 the website does sound like mb’

    But – great job Audrey!

  6. Sorry to be a downer, but Spots 1 &2 I could not really understand. I had to listen again and ‘strain’ to make certain words out. If I were driving down the road and that came on the radio, I would be thinking – what??

    The Halloween one is great though!! A winner.

  7. if you only had 20 second or even 25 seconds that would be a good way to get all that info packed in,
    Audrey has the most adorable squeaky kid voice <3

  8. Adorable ! All were adorable and understandable, but could be slightly
    slower. maybe ? The messages are wonderfuls ones but go by so quickly
    that it’s easy to miss the wit ( I know that you are time limited, as well).
    Brava ! What a voice !

  9. wow audrey got so big. she is so cute on the radio. that being said the first ad is really hard to understand. the second one and the halloween one were great. wish we were still in brookline. happy holidays to all,
    mom of three wonderful kids ages 7, 3 and 5 months

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