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Bin-Go is its name-o

Just in from Skip Hop is the brand new Bin-Go, yet another utterly genius product from the gifted design team who pioneered the original diaper-bag-that-hangs-on-your-stroller. A few weeks ago, I was in New York for a couple of days, and my husband and I stopped by the Skip Hop studio for a sneak preview of all that is new and ... Read More »

Hot wheels?

My husband has cheerfully driven a minivan for years, while I have gratefully managed to stay in a small crossover SUV that seats 5 passengers. But now, faced with the prospect of trying to fit three car seats across my back seat, I’m realizing that our expanding family may require me to reevaluate my wheels. So I took to the ... Read More »

Going on a Bear Hunt

On a recent family trip, I was looking for some new travel games to test out with my kids, who are finally old enough to enjoy playing games together (sometimes). I discovered a new line of games from Melissa & Doug, the venerable toy company known for their colorful and interactive wooden toys and puzzles, as well as a stable ... Read More »

Building a Better Mousetrap

Some days have unexpected themes. My daughter received the game, “Mouse Trap” for her birthday this year. Remembering the sheer volume of pieces from playing this game as a kid, I’d been a little hesitant to get it open. Finally today, we had some quiet time together, and we decided to give it a whirl. I’ll admit, it’s not my ... Read More »

Wake up, sleepyhead!

Our kindergartener is not a natural-born early riser. But school starts at 8am, and in order to get there on time, she needs to be out the door at 7:40 latest. All year, it has been a battle to get her up at 7. We sing, we dance, we cajole, we complain, but she’s too groggy to care. When I ... Read More »

Things to do when you’re on bed rest…

I appreciate you all bearing with me during this little snag in my health. About a week and a half ago, we finally figured out what was wrong, and a week ago, I had a minor procedure to help resolve the problem. The pregnancy continues to go fine, and I have been improving daily. I’m hoping to be back to ... Read More »

First my soft-serve, now my phone?

So what is safe when you’re pregnant? As it is, I can’t drink wine, I’m banned from unpasteurized cheeses, and I can’t eat my trademark turkey and hummus wrap for lunch anymore. Now, apparently soft-serve, a cornerstone of my food pyramid, is another candidate for the blacklist, and today, Gizmodo tells me I shouldn’t use my cell phone. Seriously?! Jeez Read More »

Monterey Booster Seat arrives

With the incredible success of the Radian car seat, Sunshine Kids has nervous competitors watching the up-and-coming car seat behemoth very closely.¬† Their second entry into the category does not disappoint. The Monterey booster seat achieves the same goal as the Radian did – to take a traditional seat concept, redesign it from top to bottom and make it more ... Read More »

Free soft-serve for expectant moms!

On May 21, Baskin Robbins is offering a free 3 oz. cone of their new soft-serve ice cream to any pregnant woman. The catch is, you have to live near a Baskin Robbins that has already launched this new menu item, and those locations are few and far between. And not in Boston. Which particularly stinks because I am a ... Read More »

A better bumper

If you have the temperament for it, one of the most fun parts of preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery. Even for a decor-challenged mom-to-be (that’s me), there’s a thrill to choosing the colors and patterns that will adorn the baby’s room. Bedding is a big piece of the puzzle, and most well-dressed cribs sport a bumper. ... Read More »