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NY Times on Breastfeeding

Yesterday’s New York Times featured an article entitled “Breast-Feed or Else” that presented a fairly even-handed look at the most current research findings about the benefits of breast-feeding. It’s an interesting read, detailing the extensive benefits of breastfeeding, while balancing those with concern about putting too much pressure on women who are unable to breast-feed. The article makes an excellent ... Read More »

It’s picnic season, but which blanket to choose?

New post! Our top ten beach & pool toys & gear items for summer 2016! Summer is finally at the door, and this is the time of year for sitting on grass. Picnics, concerts or just a leisurely afternoon in the park, any excuse is a good one for spreading out a blanket and settling in to enjoy the warm ... Read More »

One fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish

Meet Splash. He’s a small, red Betta fish that was a gift to my daughter for her fourth birthday in April. Splash quickly became a member of the family, as much as any fish possibly can. But although Betta fish are supposed to be quite resiliant, this past week Splash developed a bacterial infection that killed him within 18 hours ... Read More »

The World at Your Fingertips: New Puzzles from Geotoys

I’m a little bit of a map fanatic, following in my father’s footsteps. Growing up, while other kids were postering their bedrooms with images of teen celebrities and rock bands, I was busy covering my walls with maps of everything from Mongolia to Massachusetts. As a younger kid, I had some puzzles that became maps when completed, and they always ... Read More »

Tweak’ms Sunglasses

Leave it to a mom. When her son’s sunglasses kept breaking, Tracey Rotman got tired of trying to wrangle those teeny tiny screws. She decided there had to be a better, safer way to construct sunglasses for kids. Her solution is very clever, and the sunglasses are practically indestructable (and cute, too). We brought these in about a week ago, ... Read More »

Teaching kids to be compassionate…

I think of myself as a fairly compassionate person. I have my moments (doesn’t everyone?), but for the most part this is true. I’m not embarking on a defense of my own behavior here. I’m looking through a more insightful lens. I’m not sure my daughters are learning from my good example. This past weekend, my 2-year old, laughing maniacally, ... Read More »

Rock a Bye, Baby: Bassinets by Cariboo

Deciding where your newborn will sleep isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Parents plan, but babies don’t always get the memo. My mother bought me a beautiful cradle when I was expecting my first baby. And yet, my newborn, only hours old, decided that she would only sleep for any length of time if she was lying on top ... Read More »

Fun Workbooks? Is there any such thing?

In the brave new world of Baby Einstein, many parents are always on the lookout for ways to make their kids smarter. The Kumon method, founded in Japan 50 years ago, has slowly gained solid footing as the world’s largest supplemental education provider. With over 1500 centers in the US and Canada, Kumon is a popular choice for parents looking ... Read More »

Diggin’ the new Wobble Deck

Adding an electronic component to a classic toy can be a gamble. Sometimes it puts the kibosh on the inherent play value of the toy, while sometimes, as in this case, it sends the fun quotient through the roof. This past holiday season, we discovered wooden balance boards made by a local company, Challenge & Fun. These beautifully-constructed boards encourage ... Read More »

Try angles?

For the legions of fans out there who love Blokus, meet the newest member of the family. Blokus Trigon is a challenging, triangular variation on the original theme. For those who don’t already know Blokus, I’ll give a brief introduction. Blokus is a simple-yet-addictive strategy game that has enjoyed explosive popularity over the past few years. It is one of ... Read More »

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