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Pillow talk

If you’re looking for a breastfeeding pillow, good luck. There’s no lack of options; on the contrary, you’re more likely to be overwheled by the sheer number of choices on the market. And every woman is different, so if you ask around, you’ll hear a dozen different opinions on the matter. So I don’t usually slow down when I see ... Read More »

Flying Carpets and Modular Play Tables – Oh my!

Today, we visited the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. The place was just oozing coolness, from the fabulous people to the fabulous furniture. We were in town for the weekend, and we were curious to see what we might find. With just two hours to explore, we made quick work of the show, but we did turn ... Read More »

Infant car seat wins for American Inventor

American Inventor, the new reality series produced by Simon Cowell for ABC, wrapped up this past week. Interestingly enough, the winning invention was an infant car seat. The Anecia Survival Capsule was invented by Janusz Liberkowski after his daughter Annette (nicknamed Anecia) was killed in a car accident. It is a spherical infant car seat that can be opened or ... Read More »

Moon Sand

I loved Moon Sand at first sight when I saw it at Toy Fair. It’s a substance that looks like sand, feels like a combination of sand and play-doh, but never dries out. So you can build all kinds of sand sculptures, enjoy them on display for a while, then squash them up and build something else. To be honest, ... Read More »

Who? Us?

Magic Beans has been nominated for the 2006 A-List, as compiled by the local CBS affiliate in Boston. We’ve added a link at the top of the page (Toot our Horn) if you’d like to vote for us. It would be fun to win, but as the true A-listers will tell you, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Read More »

My new favorite CD

It was Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music where Ralph Covert (Ralph’s World) got his start, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this institution is an apparent clearinghouse for exceptional children’s music talent. But their newest CD, Wiggleworms Love You is possibly the best album for children I’ve ever encountered (sorry, Ralph). With 42 tracks, it’s pretty much ... Read More »

Visiting Orlando with little kids…

We recently came home from the JPMA show in Orlando, and we brought along our two little girls, ages 2 and 4. Those who know me can verify that I am an obsessive information hound. When I was planning this trip last year, I searched high and low for good information about visiting Orlando with very young children. I didn’t ... Read More »

What else would you do with an old billboard?

Those creative guys at Dad Gear have put some old, recycled billboards to great use. They’ve hired professional artists to crop interesting and compelling sections of printed vinyl, then they’ve turned them into the front flap of their signature messenger bag. It’s a very neat effect, and the bags feel urban, funky and youthful, but also tasteful enough for modern ... Read More »

We’re hooked!

This is one of the most oft-requested products we’ve never been able to find. Parents are dying to find a way to hook bags onto their strollers. On a Maclaren, or other two-handled model, it’s easy. But on any stroller with a single bar, it’s impossible. There are a couple of options out there, but nothing that seemed heavy-duty enough ... Read More »

The (un)friendly skies

I don’t usually use this blog as a platform for my own personal rants, but I wanted to share this experience and get some feedback. We flew home from Orlando today, and poor weather in Boston delayed our flight by nearly two hours. If you’ve got small children, you know that airport delays are especially difficult. Most parents, like myself, ... Read More »

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