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phil&teds recalls Sport V2 and Classic V1 buggies

phil&teds Sport and Classic Buggies - RecallThis week, phil&teds announced a voluntary recall-to-repair of their Sport V2 and Classic V1 strollers. The hinges can pose an amputation and laceration hazard if fingertips are inserted while the stroller is folding or unfolding. The phrase “amputation hazard” is chilling, but if you can just keep your fingers away from the stroller’s hinges during opening and closing, you’ll be OK.

Sort of like doors. They open, they close. If a finger gets in the way it’s going to hurt a lot.

I’m not minimizing the severity of this recall or the injuries people have suffered. It’s important for manufacturers to be held accountable for safety hazards, both predictable and unpredictable. Situations like this drive innovation and prevent future injuries. But the media sometimes gets carried away and will make a recall seem much more frightening than it actually is.

Strollers are mechanical objects with moving parts. Exercising reasonable caution while folding and unfolding any stroller is a good idea. Make sure the area around you is clear and keep your fingers (and your children’s fingers) away from locking hinges.

If you have a Sport V2 or a Classic V1, check your stroller’s serial number. Sport v2 serial numbers included in the recall are 0308/0001 to 0510/0840. The classic v1 model strollers were only sold in red. Serial numbers for the classic v1 are 0308/0001 to 0510/0906. Serial numbers are located (ironically?) on the inside of the folding hinge.

If you have an affected stroller, you can call phil&teds at (877) 432-1642 Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm EST or fill out this form on their website. They will send you a set of hinge covers you can put on your stroller at home.

Here’s the official CPSC recall announcement.

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  1. Thank you! I feel the same way; they definitely get carried away! I had a woman freak out in my face as I was checking out in a store because she saw my Mac Quest matched the recall photos posted at the cash register. I’m digging in my purse for change and she’s shouting at me (DS was calmly strapped into the stroller) and wouldn’t even take ‘please wait one moment till I’m finished with the cashier’ for an answer. As soon as people see ‘RECALL’ they go off the deep end out!

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