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Day 5 – Okiedog Fropper

When the Fropper made its debut last year, it was an instant hit – and why wouldn’t it be? It combines two activities toddlers love most – bouncing and rolling. The sturdy, wide handlebars provide plenty of leverage for bobbing up and down on the springy, bi-level seat, while the smooth-riding wheels glide along the floor without leaving marks. A fire in the Chinese factory in early 2008 created a serious shortage in available product last summer, so this is the first year that the Fropper is really getting the attention it deserves. Designed for children over 18 months and up to 45 pounds, the Fropper has unusually good steering and maneuverability, thanks to swiveling casters in front. It also folds up very small for travel and storage, and weighs just 5 pounds.

The Fropper is our Day 5 giveaway. Enter to win now.

I found a great YouTube video with a demonstration of the Fropper, which I’m posting below. You may notice (as I certainly did) a squeaking sound in the background, which I do not think is coming from the Fropper – at least, I’ve never seen one make that sound. More than likely, there’s either another child or a dog playing with a different toy off-camera.

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