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Brick by Brickadoo


This is my 4th toy fair, and one of the categories that I have been seeking out are great, new building and construction toys. There seemed to be a plethora of items that match that description, many of them wooden, but my favorite product of the day were the Brickadoos.

When I mentioned the Brickadoos to Sheri and Isaac, they remembered seeing and liking them in Europe in September.

Brickadoos are building sets that come with small bricks about the size of sugar cubes; water soluble cement powder that you turn into mortar; and an adorable little trowel to start playing mason at home. There are a variety of playsets that you can buy; a flower shop, a gas station, a pizza shop and lots more. The bricks are white, so you can enhance the creative opporutinities by painting the structures. And one of the best features – once you are done constructing your creation, you can dip the whole building in water, the cement disolves and you start again.

I really liked the whole cement thing. Many brick and block sets either have no way to stick the blocks together so they fall over, or you need you use overly sticky glue that you squeeze from a tube. Itty bitty trowel – much cooler.

I knew this product was from the Netherlands, had really nice packaging and was high quality, so I was surprised and delighted to find out that it will retail for only about $20 per set.


  1. The brickadoo concept is unique.
    Brickadoo is suitable for all ages and the building
    blocks can be used again and again because the
    cement dissolves quickly in water. In each box you will find the white bricks (standard dimensions 0.8 x 0.4 inch), the wooden frames, windows and door, roofing tiles, a real trowel, a mixing bin, a solid base plate, nice decorations and, of course, clear building instructions. Look at hte website

  2. Hello, how can I order different brickadoo structures? I cannot find a website that has all items. Please let me know. thanks I am in the US.

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