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Day 4 – Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Dream KitchenStep2 is one of the newest members of the Magic Beans family, but we’ve been ogling their products for a long time. It’s not exactly surprising, but a lot of social conversations with our friends (especially those who are parents) eventually come around to Magic Beans and the fun task of product selection. We hear a lot of feedback about what toys their kids are into, and whenever we’re invited over, we usually get a tour of all the things we don’t currently sell (along with detailed commentary about whether or not we should in the future). Step2 kitchens have always been the subject of effusive praise, so when they called us looking to recruit Magic Beans as their newest “Step2 Center” dealer, we were eager to take the meeting.

We had always assumed that Step2 focused their distribution on big box stores, but as it turns out, this assumption was not exactly correct. Although their boxes are big (enormous, in some cases), they are a very community-minded company, and their Step2 Center program is designed to bring smaller retailers like us into the fold. They’ve helped us to bring some great new equipment into our in-store Playscapes and we’re delighted to finally be able to sell those legendary kitchens. Speaking of which. Today’s giveaway is a Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen. We’re especially proud to feature this company on the 4th of July, because they are a family-run, US company who makes almost all of their products right in Ohio. Now that’s revolutionary.

Enter now.

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