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Flipping for Flip Faze

This past year at Toy Fair, University Games had a special appearance by record-breaking Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings. You could wait on line to go head-to-head with Ken on a single question, and if you emerged victorious, you earned a button proclaiming your intellectual superiority. We lost, but I can’t remember what the question was (something about baseball, maybe). We did get a polaroid, though.But I digress. It was a neat publicity stunt, but there was something worth looking at in that booth besides Ken. Under the Colorforms brand, University Games launched a new product called Flip Faze. This clay-like substance becomes soft and pliable in warm water and solidifies like hard plastic in cold water. I think there’s a lot of good potential here, and one of the first products to hit the shelves is the Toy Creator. Kids can use Flip Faze to design their own toys. They can mold them, sculpt them, harden them and play with them. Then, they can start all over again by tossing their toy into a bowl of warm water. It’s the toy that never ends. Just don’t let the dog eat it.

The kit includes plenty of materials to get started with, including two plastic molds (one for wheels and one for a spinning top) and a step-by-step workbook. For ages 6 and up.

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  1. I am interesting this Flip and Faze material and would like to know more about the material natural and the sepcification if you could provide me. Thanks.

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