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Goobi Goobi Goo

OK, yes. Magnetic construction toys are everywhere. There are so many different brands, each with its own unique angle that it’s gotten to be a hard category to shop. When I first saw the Goobi line, I was really skeptical. I dismissed it as another “me too” product. But the smart saleswoman had brought samples and after a half hour of tinkering with them, I was totally hooked. I ordered them on the spot, and I’ve been thrilled with the response they’ve had.

Classically, magnetic construction toys of this type create geometric formations based on triangles. Goobi has introduced a clever new component called the tripod, which allows the builder to create rigid cubical structures as well. This adds tremendous stability to the creations, and exponentially increases the possibilities for design.

Best of all, Goobi is rated for ages 4 and up, so this is a great activity for kids of all ages, and trust me when I tell you that parents will enjoy it, too. Just keep in mind the pieces are pretty small, so be mindful if you’ve got babies or toddlers in the house.

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