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Got Sparkle?

Little girls and makeup. It can be a touchy subject, and I’m not about to debate any side of the issue. Fact is, many little girls are fascinated with cosmetics; even my three-year-old asks for a turn with my lip gloss. Some parents are concerned about letting young children wear any sort of makeup, while others are more relaxed about it. But it can also be hard to find good introductory products. There are plenty of tween-focused kits available, but they tend to be heavily scented and mass produced using the same ingredients as adult cosmetics.

Allykats is a new mom-owned company based in Maine that creates subtle, gentle cosmetic products that are designed especially for little girls. Made from high quality, natural ingredients, and very lightly scented, the products are both appealing and age-appropriate. As a mother of three girls, Robyn Sessler was wise enough to know that her audience would opt for sparkles over color any day of the week. Their line is expanding quickly, but my personal favorite is the Sparkling Powder Puff (pictured). The sparkle powder is embedded in the puff, so there’s no risk of messy spills. The delicate shimmer will transfix, even if it won’t transform, which is probably a good thing.

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