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Raising a Ruckus

We see a lot of card games in our line of work. There are classics, like Go Fish, Old Maid and Uno. Intellectual favorites, like Set. Blockbuster (relative) newcomers, like Apples to Apples, and undiscovered gems, like Perpetual Commotion. The common key to success among all these titles is simplicity. Great card games are created around an idea that is easy to grasp.There are always exceptions. Take Sleeping Queens for example. This new game from Gamewright was designed by 6-year-old Miranda Evarts and her family, but it’s so complicated it’s rated for ages 8 and up. I still can’t quite figure it out, though I’ve heard that kids (apparently smarter than me) can play it for hours.

Anyway, I digress. Simplicity seems to be a recipe for success, so I’m waiting for a little game called Ruckus to take off. This game was designed to be easy to learn, quick to play, and it’s fun, too. The graphics are really neat – appealing to kids of all ages, and the concept is so simple. Make matches, steal matches, steal them back again. Get rid of all your cards and you win. There’s a certain inevitability to the game play that takes the edge off for those alpha-competitive types. It’s fast moving; sometimes the hands are over too soon. But it’s also pretty addictive, so just shuffle and deal again. You’ll have the most fun with 3 or 4 people.


  1. Hi Sheri – I created the game Ruckus, and came upon your post because someone linked to our site from your blog. Just wanted to thank you for your comments. When I started working on Ruckus, it was so wildly different a game that I can’t even explain how it became what it is now. But I actually love the game so much (I’ve played it hundreds of times with my 10 year old daughter)that I now suffer from “game designers block.” I’ve got a notebook full of ideas I’m working on developing, but when I measure a new concept’s potential against the Ruckus benchmark, the concept ends up as a crumpled waste basket rim shot.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments. Big smile on my face.

    -Dan Levy, creator of Ruckus

  2. I just want everyone to know that Ruckus Card Game is being published by Funstreet, Inc.,, in 2006 and going forward. Same management, same game, different company.

    We sell Ruckus only through specialty toy retailers. For more information, contact Dan Levy, or go to

    Best regards,

  3. My husband and I have four daughters ranging in age from 6-11 and we are all addicted to Ruckus. Our 6 year old beats us most of the time (and loves it.) Ruckus is a great game for families and friends. We like to have friends over quite often and Ruckus has quickly become the new favorite. We can’t wait until there is a new game for us to try!! Thanks for creating Ruckus for us to enjoy!
    Heather Sample

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