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Big news in Louisville

abc_cakeThe ABC Show is moving from Las Vegas to Louisville starting in 2011. They’ve reached a two-year contract with a three-year option. The city is abuzz with the news, with the mayor proclaiming that this was the biggest trade show announcement in his 20 years as mayor. The economic impact on the city is estimated at a whopping $12 million per year.

This explains a little why the city has rolled out the red carpet for this modest little Spring conference of ours. We’ve had the royal treatment, through and through (that’s a CAKE!), but the one thing that stands out is how incredibly NICE the people are here. I don’t think it’s just an act – this is the real thing. I’m still not sure how nice people (and so many horses) are a fair trade away from world-class restaurants and entertainment, but it will make it a little more palatable. Apparently this move will cut the costs of producing this show by millions of dollars, savings that will, presumably, be passed along to the manufacturers, and hopefully trickle down to benefit our customers ultimately, with lower prices. So for this, I am willing to sacrifice my annual pilgrimage to sin city. Grudgingly.

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  1. Louisville may not be Vegas, but having lived there and married a native, I will say that it does not lack for amazing places to eat. The shows cannot top Vegas, but for a city its size it has more than its fair share of great night spots, and restaurants. As a matter of fact we were just there this weekend, and we couldn’t decide which of our favorite places warranted a visit. Just put out a call when you go next year, and I am sure you will find more than your fill of suggestions.

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