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Hello, Bugaboo Donkey


Update 6/21/2017: Bugaboo Donkey 2017 available now. Shop all Bugaboo at Magic Beans.

Bugaboo today unveiled their new double stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey. I have to confess, I did see the Donkey when I was in Amsterdam in April, but I was bound by a non-disclosure agreement. However, with the debut of the stroller at the annual Kind + Jugend show in Cologne today, my gag order is lifted.

Since the debut of the Bugaboo Frog in 2003, parents have been clamoring for Bugaboo to unleash their design chops on a stroller that could carry two. When we heard Bugaboo was bringing us over to Amsterdam, we guessed we were going to see a double stroller and we hoped it would be worth the wait.

It was.

The Donkey is brilliantly designed to convert from a single stroller (Mono) with a small sidecar for parcels into a robust and fully-featured side-by-side double stroller (Duo).

As a single, it is 23″ wide at the wheel base – exactly the same as the Bugaboo Cameleon. It looks wider, but that’s an optical illusion due to the wider handlebar. It functions the same as a traditional Bugaboo, but the seat is a little narrower. You can convert the bassinet into the stroller seat, and face the seat towards the parent or out to the world. The seat reclines. Best of all, you can fold it in one piece, and it stands when folded. The expandable side shopping basket can hold toys, snacks or a small bag, plus there’s a very generous cargo basket under the seat.

As a double, it is a dream come true. Two sleek seats, side by side, that recline and orient independently, so you can place each one in either a forward-facing or a rear-facing position. The conversion requires just three clicks — the frame has three connection points to release and then the frame telescopes open, widening the space that had been occupied by the side shopping basket. The second seat clicks into place, and you’re on your way. The duo configuration also folds in one piece and stands when folded for optimal space management. It’s just 29″ wide, so it will fit easily through standard doorways and through the aisles at your favorite store.

The Bugaboo Donkey has 10″ front wheels (larger and more robust than the Cameleon stroller), 12″ rear wheels and sweet white wall tires all around. When I pushed the stroller, I was amazed by how good the handling was. Despite the extra width in the Duo mode, the Donkey delivers the smooth steering, suspension and responsiveness parents have come to expect from a Bugaboo stroller.

The Donkey can accommodate a child up to 37.5 pounds in each seat. Though it can be folded in one piece, you can remove the seats for a very compact fold that should fit in all but the smallest car trunk.

In my opinion, Bugaboo did an incredible job with this stroller. It offers an unprecedented range of functionality and a beautiful design. The expandable frame is pure genius and it gives families the ability to use the stroller both before and after they need it for two kids. In fact, the only questionable thing about it is the name.

Donkey? Really? For this stroller, I’ll learn to love it.

I love the video below, which features two of the people we met with at Bugaboo. I think it gives some great insight into the amazing people behind this product and the level of thought and consideration that went into the stroller at every stage.

Meet the team behind the new Bugaboo Donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.


  1. Does it hold two infant car seats at the same time and can both stroller seats be rear facing at the same time?

  2. Yes Sarah to both of your questions? It is a completely flexible baby/infant transport solution.

  3. Is it designed for twins, as in, can it hold 2 toddlers? All the photos I’ve seen indicates only a carrycot and a toddler seat.

  4. I get the side carry basket (hence the name) but I would rather see the stroller without it (a true single, like the Cameleon and Frog) and then have it expand to a double.
    Is it just me that isn’t crazy about the look of the side basket while in single mode???
    I’ve HEARD it can hold two toddler/child seats (not just the cot and toddler seat) but it wasn’t straight from the horses (er, donkey’s) mouth.

  5. Cool!! Though my 4yo already weighs upwards of 45lbs… So this would detract from its sleek allure. 😉

  6. Hi Jackie – yes, it will hold two toddlers. The weight limit on each seat is 37.5 pounds, and just as it works with the Cameleon, you can convert the bassinet into a regular stroller seat by changing the fabric. The question is whether the weight limit is truly per seat or whether you just shouldn’t exceed 75 pounds for the whole stroller. I will try to find out the answer.

    Also, to Christina – I hear you on the slight awkwardness of the side shopping basket, but I think that for the telescoping frame to work from an engineering perspective (and it’s far and away the most elegant stroller expansion design I’ve ever seen), the handlebar had to be wider than a single handlebar would have been, so they needed to do something with that extra width. I think it’s a pretty neat solution that will be useful without really increasing the footprint of the stroller.

  7. I LUV this stroller. When baby number 2 comes along, I think we will sell our Cameleon on craigslist and buy the DONKEY!! I was hoping Bugaboo would come out with a double stroller before my second baby!

  8. In what configuration do 2 infant car seats attach at the same time? Im guessing they must be offset being as each maxi cosi cabrio is 44cms wide.
    Would be interested to know how they will sit on the frame.

  9. From what I saw in April, there are two different car seat adapters — one for a single car seat and one for two car seats. The two car seats are next to each other but they jut out to the sides of the stroller, exceeding the width of the frame.

  10. WHAT was the marketing department thinking with the name? Donkey? Like, as in *ss? So bad, on so many levels. First, the *ss connection. Second, parents of 2 don’t want to feel like they are pushing a giant donkey down the mall or the street. They want to feel as sleek as they did with 1, if they are going to pay whatever Bugaboo intends to charge for this stroller.

    What about Bugaboo Butterfly– “spread your wings”; or Bugaboo Dragonfly?
    Donkey is straight up awful. I really, honestly think that they need to go back to the drawing board on the name BEFORE they release it in April 2011, or they are going to have a marketing disaster on their hands, similar to, oh, the “New Coke.”

    That said, I love that it is no larger than a Maclaren double. We are expecting our 2nd, and if we get a side by side (I’m thinking my daughter will NOT tolerate sitting in the back seat of an in-line double), certainly this will be a serious consideration. But, frankly, the very name of it makes me picture myself be loping through the Prudential Center like an overburdened, overheated, sad, pathetic *ss, and given that that vision is every mom-of-2’s worst dream, that just turns me off. Truly. I hope they change the name before I consider buying it.

    By the way, I would never use it as a single, I don’t think. I agree about the awkwardness of the side basket. For the most part, people want as slim as possible. So, if I have just one after the older child got too big, I’d just use an umbrella stroller, or the Bugaboo Bee I already have.

  11. LUV IT !!!!!!
    I wish it was out before i bought my frog .I would have bought a donkey instead !!!!

  12. Ahh ok- so in 2 car seat mode it wont fit thru a single doorway?

    a BIG factor to a mum of twins like me! What a shame

  13. It it available now?

  14. What if you own the Chameleon already? Will you be able to buy just the Donkey frame and one bassinet or do you have to buy 2 of everything? Also, any idea on the PRICE and/or RELEASE DATE?

  15. You ignore us mothers of twins for years…and then you name your first double stroller “DONKEY”?

  16. Can I use my seat from my cameleon with this stroller? Or do I need to buy a complete second one?

  17. this is amazing innovation. I cannot wait to sell my cameleon & add a donkey to the mix!

  18. Any idea when I can pre-order?

  19. How does it compare to Stroll-Air My Duo? Weight, width and the fold size?

  20. Hey britta–to answer your question regarding the My Duo, the donkey is about ten lbs heavier than the stroll-air in the double config. The fold is also a bit thicker…..I assume you know the My Duo also can hold two car seats (front and back config) whereas the Donkey is a side-by-side which puts it dangerously close to not fitting through doors—my contacts at bugaboo still have no confirmed my questions about width with two car seats……

  21. I’m a little confused by some of what I have read on this new bugaboo and it seems the info out there is a little thin… so my questions (I am expecting twins end Feb/beg March and am thinking about either the Bumbleride and MountainBuggy) are the release date? ie for us that are pregnant we need to know!! I have read that it takes 2 carseats but that they will end up wider than the 29 inches once in the stroller – how much wider than the 29 inches? (big negative) and can both babies face you or only looking forward? Can both seats be looking the same way – I have not seen any promo photos at all like this (one is facing back and one forward) which I think is quite strange especially since there will be a lot of potential moms of twins assessing this new stroller to the market… it comes across to me as a stroller for moms of bubs of different ages and not so much oriented to those of twins which is a shame but I’m happy to be convinced otherwise…

  22. Hi Kelly,
    We don’t yet have solid dates, but I’m hearing it will be available around April in the USA. We still don’t have dimensions for the fully-loaded double car seat adapter (to some extent, I think it will depend on which car seats you are using). Stay tuned – hopefully we will know soon. Both seats can definitely face the same direction.

  23. I have seen, twice, someone who has a bugaboo cameleon, then have another seat (looks smaller) attached at the end of the regular seat (kind of parallel and on top) so made it into a tandem stroller. I thought I was dreaming, but yesterday was the second time I saw something like this. Do you know if this maybe a product just in Amsterdam, and maybe some US moms got it there? I went to the official Bugaboo website and don’t see anything like this. Thanks!

  24. The Stroller and the name are great. I’m pregnant with twins and I feel like a donkey, so i get it. It’s very cute.

    Anyway, I have a two year old and twins on the way. Will the kick stand work with this stroller? How much does it weigh? Can I use two Chicco car seats? How does it compare to the city select (carseat converter – the city select Chicco converter is awful) and the weight of the strollers? Will this stroller be able to fit through doors? When will magic beans have one to test drive?

    Thank you!

  25. Hi, I have the bugaboo cameleon at the moment, can some parts of the bugaboo cameleon (e.g. adapters for the car seat, basinet, cannopy) be used with the bugaboo donkey as well? thanks!

  26. Winnie: I believe you are talking about the BabyJogger City Select (a great choice) it’s similar to the cameleon and can attach 2 seats in ANy position.

    The donkey is a horrible name. Most people buy bugaboo for the same reason they buy prada.. for the name and not so much the practicality. I hope they consider something else before the release date.

    I’d be curious to see the fold on this. Seems like a great idea, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a real hassle folding and taking all the seats off
    in a timely and unexhausting manner. Any idea on the diameter of the fold?

    I’m also curious if the seats from other bugaboos will fit this frame?

  27. Winnie- could you be thinking of the Baby Jogger City Select?

  28. So the basket is NOT optional? By mono it means with the basket?

  29. HI Winnie, I think you might of seen a Peg Perego Skate. I just saw one yesterday that my friend has and I thought it was great and I started to think to swap out my cameleon for a Skate because its got the same frame from regular single Skate where she attached on top a car seat and on the bottom a smaller seat for toddler and i loved the idea i was hoping may be Bugaboo would consider something like that. I thought it was super nice and convenient instead of double stroller fitting both kids in single.

  30. Thanks everyone. Yes, I just found out they were actually City Select Baby Jogger. They are SO versatile, but they really looked like Bugaboos.
    Lisonka, will check out the Peg Perego Skate too.
    Thanks again!


  32. The side basket is not optional – even in the Mono position that stays in place. But the overall width of the stroller is still the same as the Cameleon – with the side basket and all.

    We’ve been told that the Donkey will be coming out some time around April if all goes well, but it will be a “soft” launch and availability may be limited.

  33. how much narrower is the seat than the cameleon? and are there any ballpark guesses as to price?

  34. I had a cameleon and loved it until I had a second baby and then ive had the mini city and now the city select. I love my city select and I about passed out when I seen the “Donkey” i have waited so long.I love the looks of it , I mean its BUGABOO but after going from a side by side to a front to back stroller I don’t think i’m considering going back.I really thought bugaboo would have come up with a better name other then “donkey” and I really thought after they have taken sooooo long getting a second stroller on the market that they would have had something that was mind blowing. I Will probably buy the “Donkey” cause I love bugaboo but I think my baby jogger ‘CITY SELECT’ is a nicer stroller. But I won’t knock it till I try it.

  35. Will they be available in different color choices??
    I really hope that you will be able to customize the colors with this as you can with the other Bugaboo strollers.
    I’m also interested to know if the weight limit is really a strict 37 lbs. per seat or really a total of 74 lbs. for the stroller.
    Also, does the wheeled board work with this stroller for another child to ride along, in double, or at least in single mode?
    I don’t mind the side basket. When you have more than one child, there is always a lot of stuff to bring along, so to me it seems convenient, but the fabric choices are a big concern for me. If you are going to pay a lot- it has to look nice. Any idea on the price?

  36. i have twin boys and cannot wait to purchase the “donkey” . if bugaboo wants any twin “testers” I’m offering my services! lol

  37. I’d love to be a tester for this stroller 🙂 I would love it but gotta make sure it fits in a VW Tiguan trunk lol

  38. I’m expecting my second set of twins in Oct. 2011 and I would definitely like to try this stroller. For my first set of twins 6 years ago…I’ve used all kinds of double strollers but found that my twins felt the most comfortable in the Bugaboo Frog. I’ve so hoped for a double stroller from Bugaboo and am so HAPPY that they finally have a Double in time for my new twins to come.

    Does anyone know if I can preorder? And Price?

    Thanks. =)

  39. Hi Meely!
    Wow – 2 sets of twins!! You are one busy mama. You can preorder the Bugaboo Donkey through Magic Beans – just give us a call at 617-264-2326 and ask for extension 124.

  40. Does the Bugaboo Cameleon riding board work on the new Donkey? If not is Bugaboo making a new one or making an adaptor, I heard a rumor that it was an adaptor, any info would be great! Thanks!

  41. what car seat can we use with this. I bought the duo mode, but I only need a single car seat adapter. The company i bought it from says only graco, and then i saw on the website maxo cosi. I would love a stright answer before i go out and spend more money on something i cannot use.

  42. Ok… Let me be the first male to speak as I am expecting twins in Jan….WOW , I actually got a headache from reading some of your comments.. lighten up its a stroller ! Let me start by saying , Donkey is not a terrible name , but as a creative type and being that it is representing more than 1, I would have went with Bugaboo Kangaroo …. , Kangaroo has a pouch , carries its young and it rhymes well with Bugaboo… Don’t steal the name , If you do I want rights to it ….
    By now most of you have probably got your solid answers on the stroller as it is out and available . I will be getting it as a baby shower gift from a very generous friend… lucky me …I have looked at all the twin strollers out there and nothing compares to the Donkey. With that said, start being a bunch of donkeys ladies and enjoy the ride…

  43. I want to buy a single car seat adaptor for my donkey , must fir maxi cosi car seat…. Anyone got any idea where I can buy one???

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