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Think of our expert staff as that weary, seasoned friend, the veteran of child-rearing. Here at Magic Beans, we know which strollers our customers adore, and which toys kids can’t get enough of. read more 

Our Top 10: Older Kid Toys
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  • Micro Kickboard Deluxe Maxi Scooter with LED Wheels 2018 / 2019

    The Maxi Micro Deluxe takes the multi award winning, much revered children's three wheeled scooter to the next level. This deluxe version has LED light up front wheels!

  • Lego Harry Potter - Hogwarts Clock Tower

    Relive the movie magic with the Hogwarts Clock Tower! Each 922 piece Lego set for ages 9+ features a 3-level clock tower, entrance hall, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, hospital wing, prefects’ bathroom, Dumbledore’s office, and a section of icy decorations for the Yule ball. The set includes a clock-changing mechanism for recreating Time-Turner adventures. The Hogwarts Clock Tower also includes 8 Harry Potter minifigures for extended play. It’s sure to become a new favorite for all Potterheads!

  • Toysmith Warrior's Mark Axe Throwing

    On your mark, get set, throw! Toysmith Warrior's Mark Axe Throwing is a unique indoor and outdoor game that's perfect for the whole family. 

  • Fat Brain Toys - Jixelz Craft 1500-Piece Set - Under The Sea

    The classic puzzle takes new shapes with Fat Brain Toys Jixelz Craft 1500 Piece Set - Under the Sea. Each set comes with vibrant, teeny tiny jigsaw pieces to create a starfish, dolphin, submarine, or turtle--or, when all the pieces are combined, a fish. Jixelz are one of our toy buyer's favorite picks! 

  • Smart Toys and Games - True Balance Mini

    Unpredictable and addictive, the True Balance Mini from Smart Toys and Games offers perfect screen-free play for the whole family! Anyone 4 or older can try balancing the circles till they all align perfectly. Done balancing one side? Try balancing it upside-down! True Balance Mini improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while relieving stress. 

  • Fashion Angels Crystalize It! Activity Journal and Pen

    Embellish a journal, pen, and more with the Crystalize It! Activity Journal and Pen set from Fashion Angels. Little diamond-shaped gems add glamor and fun with this cool way to craft that's reminiscent of painting by numbers. 

  • Gamewright Curve Ball Game

    Gamewright Curve Ball invites you to twist and turn a chain of colorful orbs to solve all 18 different puzzles. 

  • Kahootz Y'Art Pug Puppy Yarn Art

    Color-by-numbers take a unique twist with Kahootz Y'Art! Simply thread the Y'Art pen and color in the numbered areas--the yarn magically clings to "Y'Artboard"--to create an amazing work of textured yarn art. Make a mistake? Simply lift the yarn, reposition, and keep going! The Pug Puppy Yarn Art set includes everything you need to create a cute, whimsical pug creation. it's appropriate for children as young as 4 years old! 

  • Mindware Science Academy Squishy Ball Lab

    Uncover your inner calm and make your own stress balls with this soothing, sensory science lab kit from Mindware. Kids will love creating 4 squishy slime stress balls, 2 oobleck stress balls and a mesmerizing mini relaxation jar.

  • Fat Brain Toys - Simpl Dimpl - 1 Piece Ships Assorted

    Young or old, this unique little keychain provides endless hours of fidget fun!

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