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Think of our expert staff as that weary, seasoned friend, the veteran of child-rearing. Here at Magic Beans, we know which strollers our customers adore, and which toys kids can’t get enough of. read more 

Our Top 10: Older Kid Toys
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  • Fat Brain Toys - Simpl Dimpl - 1 Piece Ships Assorted

    Young or old, this unique little keychain provides endless hours of fidget fun!

  • Gamewright Curve Ball Game

    Gamewright Curve Ball invites you to twist and turn a chain of colorful orbs to solve all 18 different puzzles. 

  • Kahootz Y'Art Pug Puppy Yarn Art

    Color-by-numbers take a unique twist with Kahootz Y'Art! Simply thread the Y'Art pen and color in the numbered areas--the yarn magically clings to "Y'Artboard"--to create an amazing work of textured yarn art. Make a mistake? Simply lift the yarn, reposition, and keep going! The Pug Puppy Yarn Art set includes everything you need to create a cute, whimsical pug creation. it's appropriate for children as young as 4 years old! 

  • Set Card Game
    What would a toy selection be without this classic game? Set is a card game of visual perception in which players create sets of cards based on certain features on the cards. Whether you are considering color, number, shading, or shape, the cards will present you with a challenge to create groupings of three. To play, the players shout “Set!” and get to work findings the sets out of the twelve cards laid face-up on the table.
  • Magic Sequin Journal - Be Happy Emoji

    Jot down your brilliant ideas and notes in style. You won't believe the amazingly bright colored sequins - with a quick swipe of a hand, they change the emoji faces right before your eyes! 

  • Fat Brain Toys - Jixelz Craft 1500-Piece Set - Under The Sea

    The classic puzzle takes new shapes with Fat Brain Toys Jixelz Craft 1500 Piece Set - Under the Sea. Each set comes with vibrant, teeny tiny jigsaw pieces to create a starfish, dolphin, submarine, or turtle--or, when all the pieces are combined, a fish. Jixelz are one of our toy buyer's favorite picks! 

  • Smart Toys and Games - True Balance Mini

    Unpredictable and addictive, the True Balance Mini from Smart Toys and Games offers perfect screen-free play for the whole family! Anyone 4 or older can try balancing the circles till they all align perfectly. Done balancing one side? Try balancing it upside-down! True Balance Mini improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while relieving stress. 

  • Fashion Angels Crystalize It! Activity Journal and Pen

    Embellish a journal, pen, and more with the Crystalize It! Activity Journal and Pen set from Fashion Angels. Little diamond-shaped gems add glamor and fun with this cool way to craft that's reminiscent of painting by numbers. 

  • Klutz Make Your Own Soap Jellies

    Put a little wiggle into your shower routine! The Klutz Make Your Own Soap Jellies Kit has everything you need to make up to 12 jellies comes in the box, including a custom mold with 6 fun shapes.

  • Micro Kickboard Deluxe Maxi Scooter with LED Wheels 2018 / 2019

    The Maxi Micro Deluxe takes the multi award winning, much revered children's three wheeled scooter to the next level. This deluxe version has LED light up front wheels!

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