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Think of our expert staff as that weary, seasoned friend, the veteran of child-rearing. Here at Magic Beans, we know which strollers our customers adore, and which toys kids can’t get enough of. read more 

Our Top 10: Elementary Kids Toys
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  • Janod Acrobat Game of Skill

    Don't be the one to let the Acrobat tower come tumbling down! This Game of Skill from Janod will leave the whole family in suspense. Throw the dice, then position your acrobats strategically to create the tallest possible tower. The first person to knock down a tower loses!

  • Alex DIY Sweetlings Swirl-n-Twirl Minis

    ALEX DIY Sweetlings Swirl-n-Twirl Minis comes with everything you need to Frost Your World and bring 4 adorable Sweetlings characters to life! Use whipped clay icing to frost 4 plastic mini-cupcakes and add some accessories to create a one-of-a-kind Sweetlings look.

  • Diggin Spinos Trax Challenge with Magnetosphere + Power Ring

    Ready to add to your Spinos collection and build your own challenge? The Diggin Spinos Trax Challenge with Magnetosphere lets you create a thrilling course! Spinos is a force field ball that is controlled with the power ring. When you spin it, a force field is created around the ball. You can then use the power ring to remotely control the magnetosphere with no batteries or electricity.

  • Craft-Tastic I Love Unicorns Kit

    These six awesome projects are a rainbow of crafting fun! From making stuff they can wear (like a unicorn headband), to making a unicorn stuffy, to making a cute unicorn backpack charm, Craft-tastic has created crafts that’ll make true believers out of kids.

  • Play Visions Color Changing Floof - Ice Cream Dreams

    We can't get enough of this stuff. Check out Play Visions' brand new Color Change Ice Cream Dreams Floof. Touch it with your warm hand or blow on it using the included Air Wand, and watch it change from Blue to White in seconds. Then it changes back to Blue when cool again!

  • Creativity for Kids - Sequin Drawing

    Drawing in sequins is much like drawing in sand – relaxing, soothing, calming and fun! Use the included stylus or your finger to write messages or draw pictures. Decorate the frame with stickers and rhinestones to uniquely make it your own. This craft kit for kids is great for sensory play. 

  • Blue Orange Go Go Gelato Game

    Go Go Gelato is the yummy logic race game from Blue Orange! Using 4 cones, 3 scoops, 2 hands, and 1 challenge card, fill your customers' orders as quickly as you can. It's a tasty and engaging dexterity race that's fun for everyone!

  • Kahootz Fashion Press

    The world of fashion design is at your fingertips! Press and punch your own styles with the Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker. The unique Fashion Press roller tool is easy to use and lets you press and punch out countless combinations from almost any kind of paper.

  • Mindware Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Rails Builder Set

    Ramp up your marble run obsession! The Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Rails Builder Set from Mindware features uniquely designed cubes that allow for a limitless range of building options. This limitless, challenging set will make for hours of creative play from kids and adults alike!

  • Neat Oh! Zipes Speed Pipes - Performance Pack

    Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017 & ASTRA Best Toys For Kids 2017. Zipes Speed Pipes is the first ever toy where vehicles speed through pipes instead of on top of tracks! Begin your journey of crazy builds and defying gravity speed with this Starter Set.

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