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Magna-Tiles Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set

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Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set
Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set - Available in one color
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Set includes:

  • 3 large squares
  • 12 small squares
  • 10 right triangles
  • 9 equilateral triangles
  • 6 isosceles triangles
  • 1 wheeled chassis
  • 2 imagination pieces
  • 2 triangles with round window
  • 1 arch
  • 1 square door frame
  • 1 magnetic hinged door

About the Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set

Some toys are just irresistible to kids. You might even say that their appeal is… magnetic.


Magna-Tiles have been one of our top toy recommendations for years, because along with their obvious educational value, kids find these magnetic tiles endlessly entertaining. Their wide age-range and open-ended, creative play possibilities make Magna-Tiles the main attraction!


The Magna-Tiles DX Solids 48-Piece Set is a great Magna-Tiles starter kit, with a variety of simple geometric shapes plus additional specialized pieces that add building possibilities. All magnetic pieces stick together at any angle – nothing repels – so kids can create endless flat or 3D creations, and then play with them. This Magna-Tiles set is ideal for building vehicles, since it includes a wheeled piece, and kids will also use their Magna-Tiles to build houses, robots, animals, and other specific or abstract designs.


Building with Magna-Tiles has an incredible amount of educational value stuffed in along with the fun: kids learn colors and shapes, basic mathematical and scientific concepts, and problem-solving skills. Since there’s no wrong way to stick these magnetic tiles together, toddlers can get started on building without any help, and since there are so many cool possibilities, you’ll find that your ten-year-old still plays with her Magna-Tiles, too. And if you’ve got two kids of different ages, they’ll play with Magna-Tiles together, teaching smaller children social skills, language skills, and cooperation.


The Magna-Tiles DX Solids 48-Piece Set includes 12 small squares, 4 large squares, 6 isoceles triangles, 10 right triangles, 11 equilateral triangles, 1 wheeled piece, 1 arch, and 3 special shapes with curves and holes. Suggested for ages 3 and up.


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This product contains magnets and small parts. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under 3 years.


Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set Specs

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Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set

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Magna-Tiles DX Solid 48-Piece Set
Brookline, MA
  • Experienced Parent
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5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Toy that grows with your kid!

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Easy to clean, challenging but fun, has wheels


Some small pieces, expensive, can slide under/behind the fridge

This was a splurge before a huge snowstorm that kept us indoors for four days. We had received the regular pack of magna tiles as a gift and my son loves them--so I thought having the wheels and a door and a dome would be very exciting. It's an investment but so much fun and not only does my son build interesting things, he pretends they are a blender, a rocket ship, the T. I am glad I paid more for the deluxe pack--combined with our basic set, we are able to make a lot of cool things. Hours of play!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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